29 October 2007


she is the other half of my heart (in fact, she may even be a little more than half), so i wanted to share some exciting news... carlie renee is now officially mrs davis! after the past few months of settling-in from the wedding, moving, and settling-in again, carlie ran by the courthouse and social security office to officially change her name. so now my 2nd shooter, my teammate, my bride, carries my brand; gabriel ryan & carlie renee can now sign their checks mr & mrs davis! in fact "my" brand, has now become "our" brand. maybe i am just a nerd (well, i actually know that to be true) but this kind of stuff excites me...

...anyways, here are a couple photos i snuck, from our last photo shoot. and, fyi, carlie loves when i de-saturate photos to give them a little more of a vintage feel. these are for you, mrs davis.

25 October 2007


i got the call as the rest of southern california looked like something out of a scene from "wizard of oz" meets "mission to mars," and at that moment, i knew i was going to like their style.

i hadn't met kevin & daisha until the day of our engagement shoot; a day where the santa ana winds decided to violently stir and fan the fires from san diego to malibu. as a courtesy, knowing many brides pray for, expect, must have, the "perfect" conditions, i sent daisha an email, giving her and kevin an opportunity to re-schedule. when i got the call, i knew i was going to like their style.

the dry winds and the smokey sky could not be re-created, and i am excited to have been able to capture this part of your story, kevin & daisha, amidst the chaos. this could not draw a better picture of your love; amidst the circumstances, kevin & daisha become lost in each other's heart, and the result is joy and happiness.

(and as a side note, i would never hope or pray for such violent circumstances to affect so many. i simply realize these things will happen and i must pause and look for the silver lining. for those affected by the fires, my prayers are with you.)

kevin & daisha, thanks for sharing your love. here are some of my favorites from our session...

carlie snapped this one whilst hanging from the side and standing on the hand rail

stopping amidst the hussle... just to love.

while i was shooting kevin & daisha against the wall in the first image, i was thinking it would be cool to implement that same texture in some of their other images... i think it works.

a kiss down the tracks, and then a final pause. the smoke made for an incredible skyscape at sunset.

click here for the slideshow with more of their photos...

23 October 2007


this past weekend i was blessed to spend a couple of days with about 100 men from my church on a journey into the heart. dr john coe was our guide on the path into the deep. we discussed the temptation to be moral as a covering and hiding technique from our inadequacies, and the message hit home when dr coe mapped out the mechanics of the heart. i went up the hill expecting a bunch of head knowledge, and have returned a little more grounded with something i had previously lost faith in the existence of, some heart knowledge. thank you dr coe, and all of the rock harbor men that poured into my life this weekend. you were all an incredible steward of God's love and knowledge.

here is a late night shot from outside my cabin...

18 October 2007


last night, our friends the becklund's hosted a little pumpkin-carving/cookie-eating party, and i ate too much cookie dough. bring on the holidays!


so, carlie and i moved this past weekend. thank you deandra, jeff and mom for your help. there really can't be a price put on the value of good friends and family. carlie and i appreciate you so much for your time, your conversation, and your moving muscles (and an extra special thanks to deandra for organizing carlie's closet, because it would have never got done otherwise, and to jeff for resuscitating my external hard drive... you really are a life-saver).

deandra making full use of her entire body during the process...

carlie and i will have internet beginning next tuesday, and i plan on picking up my blog activity once our service is enabled. until then, have a great weekend! hug somebody, give a well-thought affirmation, and enjoy what is already going on in your life...

see you as life resumes.

11 October 2007


we paddled out early that morning. and after a good hour and a half with our own little peak (surprising for an orange county break on a saturday), a head popped out of the back of a breaking wave on an inside set. at first, i thought it might be one of the dolphins that had joined us earlier. rather, it turned out to be a hobo.

my friend vern has been living in a 1973 winnebago since january 2006, with fellow hobo jeff. the two of them have become known by their brand the hobo soul. however, this was vern's last day as a hobo. he would trade in the wandering for a new adventure. it was the day he would forever join his companion and his bride, melinda.

i have been lucky enough to call vern and melinda friends. your love provokes me. your wit inspires me. your intelect challenges me. thank you for being such great friends, and for inviting me into the process.

the amazing matt wignall, hailing from long beach, photographed the wedding, and was gracious enough to allow me to join in and capture a few images of my own. thank you matt for your humor. i also have to throw out some rock-star props to my wife, carlie for doing an amazing job on melinda's hair and make-up (and she was able to snap a couple of shots during the process too).

here is the story, from behind the lens...

my take on hobo's gone reservoir dogs

vern and dick (the name of the winnebago)

vern and jeff wanted to prove that their home can attain some serious speed... going 80 on the 405

carlie captured this moment, and it has to be one of my favorites

classic gold

matt working it with the irish paparazzi at his back

any time dick is moved, the driver must don the blue captain's cap... no exceptions here

mrs moen on the way to her reception in her new husbands old home

putting in their own style, with no garter toss, vern and melinda decided on an equal-opportunity bouquet toss for both boys and girls

say hi to belize for me!