27 January 2010

This Is How We Do It - Custom Books - part 1

albums hold photographs. books tell stories.

one of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. is telling stories. and we like to think, that should we continue to hone our craft and tell each story in its own unique light, as artists... no, as passionately intentional story tellers... that the stories we tell will live much longer lives then we ourselves will live. that 100 years from now, some 20-something young girl will crack open one of our custom books, and ask her mother to share the story of her great-grandparents when they were her age.

it's about a lot more than just pictures.

the weight of that responsibility enlivens us; it gives passion and importance to not only what we do here, but also HOW we do it here.

from how we shoot each wedding, to how we select the images for our client's wedding book pre-design, to the quality we expect from our vendors that artfully craft each book into the final product: a living breathing story.

we would like to share, in part 2, a little more about how we do it here, but we couldn't without sharing our perspective first.


p.s. we use pro dpi to print our pages, and leather craftsmen to hand-craft our books.

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26 January 2010

Teachers Pet - Stacy and Kevin

they were there for the sole purpose of checking out other people. but neither of them was interested, in physical appearance; at least, not on the surface. rather, they looked deeper into their subjects... to bones, to ligaments, to muscle tissue. stacy and kevin met in anatomy class.

stacy was the TA. kevin was one of the students. and when stacy found herself quizzing kevin, after mutual friends had talked about setting the two up, it turned from being strictly educational inquisition to a little something more.

now, with that anatomy class 4 years behind them, stacy and kevin pulled two large hand-crafted skateboards out of the back of kevin's truck, and rushed down to the boardwalk to catch the sunset, beach-side on their boards.

since stacy and kevin had found us online, this was my first time connecting with them in person, and i must say the pleasure was all mine. stacy and kevin, thank you... we look forward to fall, and the wonderful responsibility gabriel.ryan.photographers. will play in the telling of your story, as you tie the knot in september.


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21 January 2010

Real Love Simple - Jenny and Clement

she glanced down at the earth beneath her, and smiled to herself. then, with the sun tucked behind the skyline of the foothills, jenny rose, grabbed his, and the three of us walked.

the simplicity that life can offer, when we choose to embrace it, is pretty remarkable. jenny and clement walking along the path; the sporadic rhythm of my shutter. it was almost too easy. but great photographs should be... not because of the technical mastery or the artist behind the lens, but because the story playing out, because the reflection in the lens, is real. simple.

jenny and clement, we can't express enough, how great it was to start our year off by getting to know the two of you just a bit more. and we look forward to your big day, just a few months out. until then...


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15 January 2010

Reflection in a Quiet House

the citrus scent of murphy's lingers in the air as i relax on the couch, feet propped on our ottoman, laptop across my legs. i turn off all the noise: pandora, the tv... everything. and, i let the sounds of the outside world slowly seep into the living room. a late afternoon garbage truck makes his round, the driver surely anxious to complete his route before heading home to his family for the weekend. a muffled conversation between neighbors perks up, inarticulate but nonetheless there. but from inside our home... silence.

for the past week, carlie and lincoln have been a short flight, or a long drive, away. and though it's nice to have a quiet household and studio, in which to focus, work, and even gain some introspection, i miss my little family.

the 7:30am wake up call; lincoln's rhythmic cry alerting me he has woken from his rest and is ready to spend time with daddy. the conversations about ideas both carlie and i have, and working the creative process together. even sitting down to watch some mindless reality tv... i miss it all.

though it goes without saying, i think it is important to say. i love my wife. i love my son. and in the middle of a crazy world, a world with garbage trucks and muffled conversations, i am thankful that the heart of my story, that my heart, is part of those two incredible people.

10 January 2010

Wedding Favorites 2009

[1] to clarify our primary aim, in life, and [2] to develop a specific strategy with our business, that might add value to the market place and serve our primary aim.

there you have it. or rather, there i have it. for what value does a goal, or resolution, or my favorite... a commitment have, if not written down and spoken aloud?

so, as we turn the corner of a new decade, gabriel.ryan.photographers. is blessed by the story we have created thusfar, but as we must... as our heart calls... we look forward. we strive to innovate.

at the same time, while we couldn't be more excited for 2010 and 2011 and 2012, we couldn't be more thankful for 2009. and, after a much needed 3-week holiday, we return to the blog scene with some of our favorite photographs from 2009, and with the aim of blogging more frequently for what is certain to be another great year.