31 August 2008


so, we normally don't put up teasers, but this video thing is way too cool to pass up.

29 August 2008


a couple of weeks ago, carlie & i met kristi & matt for an engagement shoot along the ortega highway, between ladera ranch and san juan capistrano. we joked about matt's original idea, to shoot their engagement at as many fast food restaurants as we could squeeze into an hour and a half. and instead we opted for a bit more of a natural feel, which i think pleased kristi a bit more than thought of an urban landscape.

less 'happy meal'
more 'mother nature'

from our short time meeting kristi & matt, and then from their engagement shoot, it is safe to say that carlie and i have been blessed, yet again, by an amazingly genuine couple. there really is something all natural about kristi & matt. i can already imagine what their friends and family will say about them on their wedding day in september. and i look forward to hearing a bit more of their story.

kristi & matt, thank you. and, we will see you soon...

carlie thought it might be fun to use a little bit of direct sunlight... though we tried not to blind kristi.
sneaking a few moments away in the orchards.
we let kristi & matt hang out a bit on their own. it's pretty awesome when two people, completely genuine in character, are so uninhibitedly in love.

i can't wait to shoot their first dance at the biltmore in a few weeks.

the following two are a couple of my favorites.

the slide show.


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27 August 2008


special thanks to our friends, the bui brothers, for throwing an impromptu video blogging class monday night after a full day of chowing down knowledge with mike larson and the guys at kiss.

and for the highly anticipated, world wide [web] debut, check out dancecarliedance.com

22 August 2008


we were just planning on a relaxing weekend north of the busyness of orange county, when our wonderful hotelier let us know that she had recently been engaged and was planning a wedding at the dana powers house on the central coast.

a few weeks later, cole dropped us a line asking us to photograph her wedding. we couldn't have been more thrilled.

cole & steve are two of the most genuine people we have come across, and are a lot of why carlie & i have fallen in love with slo and the rest of the central coast. the air just seems to move a bit slower. people seem a little more worn around the edges, but in a good way... kinda like the way a pair of boots feel after you have broken them in a bit. kinda like the way hi-end fashion brands might sell a pair of jeans with a frayed back pocket.

slo is comfy.

thank you cole & steve for being so cordial, on our visit for your engagement shoot, and again on the weekend of your wedding. both carlie & i truly feel blessed to have been at your wedding. it was intimate. it was genuine. it was perfect.


the details at the dana powers house were unreal. just our style.

the third floor is a single room... a single room with a bath tub & private sun deck. again, such a perfect venue for cole & steve's wedding.

nothing says 'man' like a rose garden.

we caught a couple moments with dad. obviously proud of his daughter on her big day.

the crew.

so, i typically don't post pictures of cake... maybe in the slide show... but not the blog. however, i had to make an exception for these little treats, created by the head pastry chef at novo. they were almond pound cake with a brown sugar & sour cream frosting, topped with fresh strawberries, hand picked from the farmers market that same morning.

i ate three. [cole & steve said it was okay]

off to hawaii...

for the slide show.

19 August 2008


johanna & adam didn't disappoint. to keep up with their perfect score [100 for awesomeness] johanna & adam had the dance party to end all dance parties. and carlie & i were present to witness and photograph the occasion. luckyyyyyy.

and can i tell you how much i love backyard weddings. it takes quite a bit of class to pull one off, but again, johanna & adam didn't disappoint.

and i know it may sound cliche, but honestly, johanna & adam could have gotten married in a mcdonalds parking lot and it would have been just as rad. there would have been just as much love. there would have been just as much awesomeness.

i hope you guys had a great time in st lucia. enjoy the photos.

johanna's niece full of adoration for her aunt.

finishing touches.

introducing johanna.

we're going to the chapel and we're gonna' get maa-aa-aarried.

the many faces of adam mockett.

one of my favorites.

rockin' the aston martin con bow tie.

one of carlie's many... many... favorites from the day. you're going to have to check out the slide show for the rest of them though...

brides who aren't afraid to lay down in their wedding dress rule... kinda like how motley crue rules. in other words, they rule pretty hard.


if you want to have good luck for the next 7 years, make sure to watch the slide show...