25 October 2007


i got the call as the rest of southern california looked like something out of a scene from "wizard of oz" meets "mission to mars," and at that moment, i knew i was going to like their style.

i hadn't met kevin & daisha until the day of our engagement shoot; a day where the santa ana winds decided to violently stir and fan the fires from san diego to malibu. as a courtesy, knowing many brides pray for, expect, must have, the "perfect" conditions, i sent daisha an email, giving her and kevin an opportunity to re-schedule. when i got the call, i knew i was going to like their style.

the dry winds and the smokey sky could not be re-created, and i am excited to have been able to capture this part of your story, kevin & daisha, amidst the chaos. this could not draw a better picture of your love; amidst the circumstances, kevin & daisha become lost in each other's heart, and the result is joy and happiness.

(and as a side note, i would never hope or pray for such violent circumstances to affect so many. i simply realize these things will happen and i must pause and look for the silver lining. for those affected by the fires, my prayers are with you.)

kevin & daisha, thanks for sharing your love. here are some of my favorites from our session...

carlie snapped this one whilst hanging from the side and standing on the hand rail

stopping amidst the hussle... just to love.

while i was shooting kevin & daisha against the wall in the first image, i was thinking it would be cool to implement that same texture in some of their other images... i think it works.

a kiss down the tracks, and then a final pause. the smoke made for an incredible skyscape at sunset.

click here for the slideshow with more of their photos...


  1. Really love the textured train track one! Nice work!

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  3. These pictures are amazing, Gabriel! We are so blessed to know that you will be capturing the moments of our wedding! :)

  4. Great pictures! Love the texture. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

  5. way to go man, they really look awesome!

  6. I really don't think you realize how incredible you are! The more I see of the work, the more impressed I am - seriously, you are going to be the next big thing. and I LOOOOOOVE the texture!!!

  7. You are awesome talented Gabriel. Love your stuff. It's funny because I'm a total hack photographer but I've gotten to know so many awesome photographers through the blogosphere. I can live vicariously through all of you.

  8. These are totally totally awesome! Love all the textures and the feel to them is amazing!

  9. these are outstanding! The texture looks awesome!!