11 October 2007


we paddled out early that morning. and after a good hour and a half with our own little peak (surprising for an orange county break on a saturday), a head popped out of the back of a breaking wave on an inside set. at first, i thought it might be one of the dolphins that had joined us earlier. rather, it turned out to be a hobo.

my friend vern has been living in a 1973 winnebago since january 2006, with fellow hobo jeff. the two of them have become known by their brand the hobo soul. however, this was vern's last day as a hobo. he would trade in the wandering for a new adventure. it was the day he would forever join his companion and his bride, melinda.

i have been lucky enough to call vern and melinda friends. your love provokes me. your wit inspires me. your intelect challenges me. thank you for being such great friends, and for inviting me into the process.

the amazing matt wignall, hailing from long beach, photographed the wedding, and was gracious enough to allow me to join in and capture a few images of my own. thank you matt for your humor. i also have to throw out some rock-star props to my wife, carlie for doing an amazing job on melinda's hair and make-up (and she was able to snap a couple of shots during the process too).

here is the story, from behind the lens...

my take on hobo's gone reservoir dogs

vern and dick (the name of the winnebago)

vern and jeff wanted to prove that their home can attain some serious speed... going 80 on the 405

carlie captured this moment, and it has to be one of my favorites

classic gold

matt working it with the irish paparazzi at his back

any time dick is moved, the driver must don the blue captain's cap... no exceptions here

mrs moen on the way to her reception in her new husbands old home

putting in their own style, with no garter toss, vern and melinda decided on an equal-opportunity bouquet toss for both boys and girls

say hi to belize for me!


  1. these are stunning - what a beautiful bride! I love the donut shot and the winnebago - you really know how to capture those odd yet perfect moments!!! Ok, so you have to fill me in on how you tricked out your blog and get your images bigger...

  2. thanks ashley! i love capturing those same moments, the "real" moments. as far as posting larger images, all i do is edit the width in html, my blog is set for images up to 600 pixels wide.

    here is an example from one of my posts, and i have put the only section that i change in bold.

    img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 600px;" src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2167/1539469635_73aeeb2672_b.jpg" alt="" border="0"

    i hope that helps.

  3. Way to go Gabe! I love the "shirtless" pic!

  4. Rockin' it. Rockin' it, my friend...

  5. Nice work! You really seemed to have captured the day.

  6. best looking hobos i've ever seen.

  7. So much awesomeness-I especially love the close up of the groom and the shot showing the back of the brides dress!

  8. (actually this is Vern)
    i just realized, from your photos, that my wife is really really good looking. possibly, too good looking for me. I might be insecure now. your photography is too good. so, take it easy.

    gabriel, you were (and always will be) my most classy groomsmen. I hope there's some good photos of you out there somewhere.

    See you at the Married Club. Bingo and Bridge on Wednesdays...

    1. dear Vern,
      Looking at wedding photos (and laughing our asses off) with bubba at the bar.... Don't worry buddy, you may not look like a 12year old groom anymore, but we think your alright. Love to the four of you, hope to see you guys again soon!

  9. found you through jasmine star. great pics and i can see you're progressing already! do you by any chance know if her gown is monique lhuillier? if it isn't, can you find out the designer please? thanks so much! good luck with your budding photography career!

  10. hey alicia... yes, that was the designer for melinda's gown. stunning, isn't it?