27 April 2007


this photo is supposed to wet your appetite. check out how much fun we had, browse the moments captured, and read the poetic recap by jasmine star on her blog.

26 April 2007


after finishing my day in the cubicle, i ended up back home, in front of the mirror like a second grader on picture day... well, maybe i should clarify, because having spent a couple of seasons in school portraiture, i have interacted with my share of second graders, and not all of them are anxious to meet the camera. i was like the kid with the envelope full of cash, asking for the free combs in line, hoping he wouldn't blink when the photographer snapped the frame. i was excited.

carlie surprised me with an early arrival to my apartment, boasting her new
betsey johnson dress; stunning to say the least. we jumped in my vw and made our way to our engagement photo session, stopping briefly at a 7-11. i snuck in after my girl, in voyeur fashion, and found her in the candy isle.

once at
the lab we met our amazing photo team: jasmine and jd. lets just say, our expectations were far surpassed, and i will make sure to blog as soon as the slideshow is available.

carlie and i ended the night at a diner in newport, excitedly recapping our experience at the lab, in the phone booth, and in the water. without giving too much away, you need to check back in a couple of weeks to see the results, and share in some of those moments that we will cherish into our old age.

20 April 2007


this morning, i actually rolled out of bed with the initial hum of my cell phone, at six o'clock sharp. usually, i lay there, drowsily pondering, and negotiating with myself to postpone departure for the office. however, this morning i had to pack. this weekend, i will be celebrating with some friends, at the lake, the last days as a bachelor for my friend ryan hawkins. with less "single-time" left than myself, ryan is filling out the last days of his bachelorhood.

excited about the possibility for this weekends events, and reflecting on my own progression towards marriage, i am becoming even more enthralled with my own dreams. i can't spend more than an hour without thinking about my girl and our big day. i find myself scouring the internet for information and insight into the photo/business world... and, i am excited.

i do not believe that i was created for the cubicle. alas, here i sit, on a friday afternoon, ear-piece afixed, drumming away at my keyboard, creating endless stacks of paper. i would much rather be enjoying a picnic with carlie, capturing a few photographs of that smile eminating from the corner of her eye, networking with other professionals, or taking a step back from my workflow to examine my progress. but, here i am... cubicle-living. i am "office space." fortunately for me however, nobody wants my stapler.

although i am not content to remain, i am content with where i am. because, i know where i am moving, and although i may not be at mach 3 yet, i revel those little moments of excitement matched with discontent. this seems to be a healthy mixture with which to dream big.

16 April 2007


96 days left in the cacoon of engagement, after which, some magical transformation is meant to take place. in fact, the creator i worship, promises to blend the soul of another with my own. where god once saw two, he will now see one.

in various context, i have always seen myself as a "part" of something greater: number 7 on my high school volleyball team, the snowboard coach to a posse of 12 year olds, or one member of an
experiment. however, as a bachelor, a man, an individual, i am bombarded by the outside world with my uniqueness...

"be all that you can be"
"look out for number one"
"outlast, outwit, outplay"

but, what i am learning, is that my importance now comes from my unique ability to be a part of something and not to be the whole thing myself. looking forward to playing my part...

05 April 2007


after much reflection and internal conversation, i have made the decision. for years, i have had a passion for the creative, for the art of story, and for community. with unfair feelings of inadequacy towards myself, i stifled my desires. from here i claim "no more." this is where i dip my toes in the deep end.

i have no desire to be a fraud. and, in an electronic world, where even the average salesman can hide behind the curtain of the internet, and proclaim his un-founded greatness like the wizard of oz, i realize this temptation. rather than leaning into the "fake-it-till-you-make-it" philosophy, i will learn from my friends, and tell you this. i will shoot from the hip. i will tell you who i am...

my name is gabriel ryan davis, and i am young and ambitious. i am in
love, and i have a passion for creating moments. i am an amateur photographer without a camera. my desire is to learn, is to turn my talents into strengths, and if in the process we find that working together will be beneficial for both of us... then lets jump in. i am re-kindling the creative in my soul.

if you wish to grab coffee, or paddle out, or share a simple phone conversation, let me know. i currently reside in huntington beach, and am seeking opportunities to assist professional photographers.

...time to get wet.