29 September 2008


big things are on the horizon for the duo here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. [aka me & carlie]. and, when big things are in order, new avatars are a must...

26 September 2008


over the past few months, in the midst of some serious branding, and laying of the foundation for our business, carlie & i have come across a rather important necessity. carlie needs her own identity... not necessarily apart from gabriel.ryan.photographers. but both within & without. being that the name of our business is... well... my name, i understand how it can be confusing to understand what part carlie plays in this whole thing.

her answer: to begin to take on new projects and develop her own identity and brand, as a serious contributor to the gabriel.ryan. brand. so today, carlie.renee. spent some time with one of her greatest friends, miss hana lash.

hana has been there to see carlie through a lot. through the times when life just seems to be nothing but grey and the times when it exudes excitement, through the cliche good times and bad. it only made sense that hana be in our own wedding last july. and when they get the chance to spend time together, i notice carlie's spirit lifted. being around hana fills carlie with a bit more life.

like i said, carlie spent some time today with one of her greatest friends, and during their time, carlie ventured into a new arena, one where she directed a photo shoot sans gabriel.ryan. not only did she shoot all of these images on her own, but she took them thru to the finish, from creation to post production.

i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. i couldn't be more proud of my bride.

and, of course, carlie rocked out on hana's hair & make up for this shoot.

this was one of my favorites from the shoot.

meet hana.

and just a few of her shoes... not all... just a few pairs.

another one of my favorites.

hana's sister brecken, just graduated from fidm, the fashion institute of design and merchandising, and this sun dress is one of her creations.
one of carlie's top picks.

that's a wrap.

i told you she was good. and now you see where the true talent of our business comes from.

24 September 2008


i knocked on the door and when it cracked open, serenity oozed into the hallway. the calm vibe was settling with only lissy, her sister, and her two children in the bridal suite. being so used to the hustle and excitement coming from a team of bridesmaids, a couple stylists, maybe a makeup artist, a florist, the coordinator, and of course mom, aunt, grandma and every other female relative in the family tree, it was a nice change of pace to spend those getting ready moments in a quiet sense of calm.

the atmosphere at the church, slightly different; more anticipation. and when those heavy oak doors to the cathedral opened, unveiling mark's bride, everyone was struck... especially mark.

lissy & mark, you two rock! enjoying a meal at barney's beanery after your engagement shoot was such a treat. we can only pray that we find a bit of you in all of our clients. thank you so much for your warm spirits and for the kindness you have poured over carlie & myself. also, a big thanks has to go out to jeffrey from jnp studios for joining carlie & me on this wedding. this was actually the first time we have ever brought along another shooter and we had such a blast from start to finish!

anyways, lissy & mark... have a blast during the rest of your honeymoon in cancun, and make sure to have a margarita for me; rocks, salt rim, with an extra lime.

as some of you may know, while others may not, carlie was actually formally trained at paul mitchell cosmetology school. every once in a while a bride will ask her to do her make up on the wedding day. rocking out some eye lashes for lissy...

...and it looks like lissy was pretty stoked on carlie's work.

the stunning bride.

this is one of my favorites. lissy's smile is more like a laugh. lissy smiling.

how often do you get to shoot a catholic ceremony, in a beautiful cathedral, to the tune of an authentic 7-piece mariachi band.

carlie quickly evaded the church-lady and snagged this one down the aisle.

actually, the coordinator at the church was very kind, and allowed carlie up-close and personal to capture this moment as well.

nothing says awesome like a hi-five.

in the limo.

as if lissy wasn't beautiful enough, add a little back light, a calm background, and some greenery, and you have the recipe for a little bit of rad.

i love my wife. she knows where i am comfortable: [1] open shade [2] backlit portraits. and where i am not. we found a little stream of direct sun and decided to experiment a bit...

lissy smiling... again.

...don't forget the extra lime ;)

23 September 2008


a light breeze rolled down the foothills and danced off the coast at the santa barbara biltmore. the sky was rich blue. you couldn't have asked for a better day.

kristi & matt rocked it! big thanks goes out to bonnie of... well... music by bonnie and also to robyn of impressive weddings, because of whom the day went off without a hitch.

i pray that the images we captured are a big enough thank you to repay the invitation into your story. enjoy.

one of my favorite parts of the day. matt awaiting his bride.

the newly married couple.

i love it when our clients understand our style. while we were setting up this shot, kristi goes "you're not getting are faces, right?" i think she may have sifted through our blog before...

the wall. their spot. their special day.

it was rad having the chance to steal kristi & matt away for a few moments during dinner to grab a few beach shots with the last minutes of light on their wedding day.
carlie was prepped and ready for kristi as she made the leap... literally.

good night sun.

congratulations mr. & mrs. cute.

we will eat your wedding cake ;)