29 April 2008


my head is spinning... focused, but spinning, after reading 4hww.

just a thought, but if it is true that the perceived importance of a task increases dramatically as the deadline to complete the task is shortened, how does that relate to relationships? and is that why people often talk about living today as if it is your last? don't go to bed angry. none of us are guaranteed another day on this earth.

the tragedy is in our [my] perceived invincibility. if i believe i have the next 60 years to spend with my wife, what is the rush to do anything of real importance now. i can put off a date-night to edit photos. i can work an extra couple of hours to free up time 'later' to go surfing with one of my bros.

i feel like i am kind of spilling my guts here, but i believe this is too important not to pay attention.

because the truth is, i am passionately in love with my bride and i want to focus on the real & important things now, not later. the truth is, i would rather go surfing with a friend than work another couple of hours. it seems to me, the only way to live in line with the truth i believe, is to shorten the time i am giving myself to complete a task: to connect.

it's time to run the 60-year deadline through the shredder.

UPDATE: i just stopped by the elevation blog... totally relevant to the conversation. check it out.

27 April 2008


i am just pulling off of a 5-day media fast, where i forced myself to limit my emailing to twice a day [at 12pm & 4pm] and internet usage only for necessary tasks to be completed that day. believe it or not, i got more done w/ time left over, and in the process of slowing down, i freed up enough time to finish an incredible book this week. in fact, not only did i have enough extra time to read tim ferriss' four hour work week cover-to-cover, but i filled a moleskin with notes, questions, and action steps to take what i have learned to the next level.

tim ferriss covers so much in this dense, action-provoking journal. and i know i may be a little late to the game, as many of you have already read it. for those of you that haven't, pick up a copy. for those of you that have... i am interested...

what have you done to act on what tim proposes? and how has it affected your lifestyle?

a recurring theme i noted in his writings & examples was that we probably already have what it takes [skills, money, time...] to do what we truly want to do. so he constantly asks the reader 'why not?' and then proceeds to show how it is possible.

why i do what i do, is something i don't think i question enough. yet, it is probably the most important question i could ask. pay attention. my hunch is, we are all a little off, doing things that don't line up, or unnecessarily delay, what we really want.

22 April 2008


the sun decided to peak its head and bless this past saturday... a day where i was honored to be able to shoot with the amazingly talented, and down-to-earth drew b. it was actually the first time we had met, and i am already anxious for another opportunity to shoot together. between balancing married-life, with being a new mother, and her rockin photo biz, drew somehow seems to exude a zen-like demeanor. thanks drew, for letting me tag along... here are a couple images i snapped from our day [and congrats nikki & jeff... i hope you are enjoying cancun]

nothing like a turbo-charged bouquet.

nikki is absolutely stunning.

a brief moment between daddy & his little girl outside the chapel.

some people roll on dubs, but the leepers know real style...  enter bridal party.

mr & mrs leeper.

and who knew... jeff is a race car driver.


18 April 2008


my beautiful bride & i grabbed dinner [taco bell] and a movie ['the other boleyn girl' @ the $3 theatre], followed by a tasty treat at golden spoon. and, upon returning home, i began prepping my equipment for tomorrow's wedding, when i came across the following...

yes, that is mark brooke in the wake of lyonzilla about to release his wrath.

i don't know how he knew, but the gentleman in the photograph must have had a premonition that dane would bust out the claw.

thank you carlie for capturing such gems and leaving them like the pudding snack at the bottom of my sack lunch. have a great weekend.

13 April 2008


once you get past their tall frames, perfect skin, and warm smiles, andrea and brett are really nice. we recently had the blessing to meet and shoot their engagement. andrea found this little secret garden not too far from where she & brett will announce their vows, which carlie & i could not be more excited for!

andrea & brett met through mutual friends. i love story for the intricacies. with andrea's best friend having attended westmont & brett having completed his undergrad work at the santa barbara school, their lives crossed long before their lives crossed. after graduating, brett from westmont, andrea from humboldt state, both found themselves in the northwest. andrea's second night in portland, the two met at a concert, began dating in december, and in brett's words it was 'off to the races!'

so, now... these two charming personalities have lightened their load, made the move back to sunny so-cal, and are in the final preparations before their wedding. andrea & brett, we can't wait for your wedding... less than 5 weeks away!

make sure to check out the slide show, at the bottom. and, here's a couple of the couple...
wait for it...

wait for it...

...meet andrea & brett.
nice to meet you too.

i thought my new friend [and one of the rockinest photogs on the wedding scene] jeff, might like this one.
...hittin up the green room for some love. when dane sent me this referral, he didn't tell me andrea & brett had professional modeling experience. seriously! hot!!! [i need more exclamation marks!!!!!!!]

here's the slide show. i hope it leaves you skipping...

12 April 2008


it has been a while since i posted a non-photo-shoot blog, so i thought i'd share this little diddy from last weekend. carlie and i spent a couple days with the fam, when the cash-man busted out his super-human hops. happy saturday.

06 April 2008


we are so stoked for your wedding this june! super fun happy...

if you want to share the show with your mom, dad, grandma, or friendly neighborhood postman, just send them this link:www.gabrielryan.net/2008slideshows/michelleanddon_engagement/iframe.html. cool.

05 April 2008


colorful. michelle and don are colorful.

when they told me their dilemma between choosing locations for the engagement shoot, i discovered this truism. don said it was a toss-up between boomers in irvine or an all-out extreme-shoot at their local motocross track. at that point, i knew good times were in order.

they opted for one of their favorite hangouts, boomers. so my amazing bride [carlie renee] and i met the excited couple for a radtastic hang-out-sesh/photo-shoot.

they met in band: michelle played the flute & don played drums. the two didn't actually feel an immediate attraction, rather their love grew organically with time. in fact, at our original meeting, michelle made me aware that don's over-confidence in his drumming skills may have kept her at distance. i guess he was the best drummer on the squad... and he knew it. but over time, michelle's heart was won over by the top-dawg drummer and now they are engaged to be wed at mariners church.

michelle and don, carlie & i are stoked for your wedding! here's a glimpse into all the good times had on the shoot...

i guess don is prone to his own 'happy gilmore' moments.

michelle & don... you two are awesome. check back tomorrow for the slideshow. rock on.

02 April 2008


sarah and jared... you two are amazing. both of you, and your families, were incredibly gracious & wonderful with carlie & i. thanks for the glimpse into your story. enjoy!

if you want to share the show with your mom, dad, grandma, or friendly neighborhood postman, just send them this link:www.gabrielryan.net/2008slideshows/sarahandjared_wedding/iframe.html. cool.

01 April 2008


they met on a plane. he talked her ear off. it worked.

although i hadn't actually met the bride and groom before this weekend, sarah & jared charmed me with their warm and appreciative hearts. i have to say, as an artist and a person, i am blessed when people see the beauty in what i create, and even more so, am honored when people value who i am. and like i said, though i had not met sarah & jared until the day prior to their nuptials, i felt that they truly cared about the part i would play in their story. so thank you, sarah & jared. and thank you cepeda & forbus families.

the day started, relaxed in a hotel room in dana point, looking out over an answer to prayer: clear skies. both families had come together, over the course of the week, from numerous states, to celebrate as these two pledged their lives. and as the hour grew near, the same serene ambiance permeated our every step... no anxious thoughts... no frantic planning... just love.

i hope you two enjoyed your stay at the st regis, and i pray you are able to find the time and resources to make that trek to africa. you have blessed my heart with your gratitude, and i hope the images i captured can repay the kindness you have spread over carlie and myself.

here are some of my favs from sarah & jared's special day...

attention to detail...
dad couldn't resist...

i always tell my clients to do what is comfortable.  sarah was a little modest, so rather than getting all up in their grill, i asked jared to sneak a kiss behind sarah's stunning bouquet.

i couldn't resist... carlie renee & me goofing off.  my new mustache.  and a little head squish.
have a safe trip back north mr. & mrs. cepeda.  i can't wait to hear the stories to come... [and make sure to check back tomorrow for some slide show action]