18 October 2007


so, carlie and i moved this past weekend. thank you deandra, jeff and mom for your help. there really can't be a price put on the value of good friends and family. carlie and i appreciate you so much for your time, your conversation, and your moving muscles (and an extra special thanks to deandra for organizing carlie's closet, because it would have never got done otherwise, and to jeff for resuscitating my external hard drive... you really are a life-saver).

deandra making full use of her entire body during the process...

carlie and i will have internet beginning next tuesday, and i plan on picking up my blog activity once our service is enabled. until then, have a great weekend! hug somebody, give a well-thought affirmation, and enjoy what is already going on in your life...

see you as life resumes.

1 comment:

  1. my pleasure.

    i'll see you this weekend to get you the info from your drive--