23 October 2007


this past weekend i was blessed to spend a couple of days with about 100 men from my church on a journey into the heart. dr john coe was our guide on the path into the deep. we discussed the temptation to be moral as a covering and hiding technique from our inadequacies, and the message hit home when dr coe mapped out the mechanics of the heart. i went up the hill expecting a bunch of head knowledge, and have returned a little more grounded with something i had previously lost faith in the existence of, some heart knowledge. thank you dr coe, and all of the rock harbor men that poured into my life this weekend. you were all an incredible steward of God's love and knowledge.

here is a late night shot from outside my cabin...


  1. This photo is awesome! I love the idea for it too... What about the others?

  2. i know... i am a slacker. but i do have the other images in my working folder at home. but i will share those, as soon as i process them.