26 April 2007


after finishing my day in the cubicle, i ended up back home, in front of the mirror like a second grader on picture day... well, maybe i should clarify, because having spent a couple of seasons in school portraiture, i have interacted with my share of second graders, and not all of them are anxious to meet the camera. i was like the kid with the envelope full of cash, asking for the free combs in line, hoping he wouldn't blink when the photographer snapped the frame. i was excited.

carlie surprised me with an early arrival to my apartment, boasting her new
betsey johnson dress; stunning to say the least. we jumped in my vw and made our way to our engagement photo session, stopping briefly at a 7-11. i snuck in after my girl, in voyeur fashion, and found her in the candy isle.

once at
the lab we met our amazing photo team: jasmine and jd. lets just say, our expectations were far surpassed, and i will make sure to blog as soon as the slideshow is available.

carlie and i ended the night at a diner in newport, excitedly recapping our experience at the lab, in the phone booth, and in the water. without giving too much away, you need to check back in a couple of weeks to see the results, and share in some of those moments that we will cherish into our old age.

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