05 April 2007


after much reflection and internal conversation, i have made the decision. for years, i have had a passion for the creative, for the art of story, and for community. with unfair feelings of inadequacy towards myself, i stifled my desires. from here i claim "no more." this is where i dip my toes in the deep end.

i have no desire to be a fraud. and, in an electronic world, where even the average salesman can hide behind the curtain of the internet, and proclaim his un-founded greatness like the wizard of oz, i realize this temptation. rather than leaning into the "fake-it-till-you-make-it" philosophy, i will learn from my friends, and tell you this. i will shoot from the hip. i will tell you who i am...

my name is gabriel ryan davis, and i am young and ambitious. i am in
love, and i have a passion for creating moments. i am an amateur photographer without a camera. my desire is to learn, is to turn my talents into strengths, and if in the process we find that working together will be beneficial for both of us... then lets jump in. i am re-kindling the creative in my soul.

if you wish to grab coffee, or paddle out, or share a simple phone conversation, let me know. i currently reside in huntington beach, and am seeking opportunities to assist professional photographers.

...time to get wet.


  1. you write well and you write truth - a lethal combination. your sincerity is evident. enjoyed reading such refreshing words.

  2. very well written. i'm starting from the beginning of your story. i just saw your face on j*'s blog and wanted to get to know you. i connect to what you said...there is something alive in me that calls out for the chance to be creative.