16 April 2007


96 days left in the cacoon of engagement, after which, some magical transformation is meant to take place. in fact, the creator i worship, promises to blend the soul of another with my own. where god once saw two, he will now see one.

in various context, i have always seen myself as a "part" of something greater: number 7 on my high school volleyball team, the snowboard coach to a posse of 12 year olds, or one member of an
experiment. however, as a bachelor, a man, an individual, i am bombarded by the outside world with my uniqueness...

"be all that you can be"
"look out for number one"
"outlast, outwit, outplay"

but, what i am learning, is that my importance now comes from my unique ability to be a part of something and not to be the whole thing myself. looking forward to playing my part...

1 comment:

  1. very sweetly written! i hope that my own husband feels this way about his role in my life. you are a great writer.