20 April 2007


this morning, i actually rolled out of bed with the initial hum of my cell phone, at six o'clock sharp. usually, i lay there, drowsily pondering, and negotiating with myself to postpone departure for the office. however, this morning i had to pack. this weekend, i will be celebrating with some friends, at the lake, the last days as a bachelor for my friend ryan hawkins. with less "single-time" left than myself, ryan is filling out the last days of his bachelorhood.

excited about the possibility for this weekends events, and reflecting on my own progression towards marriage, i am becoming even more enthralled with my own dreams. i can't spend more than an hour without thinking about my girl and our big day. i find myself scouring the internet for information and insight into the photo/business world... and, i am excited.

i do not believe that i was created for the cubicle. alas, here i sit, on a friday afternoon, ear-piece afixed, drumming away at my keyboard, creating endless stacks of paper. i would much rather be enjoying a picnic with carlie, capturing a few photographs of that smile eminating from the corner of her eye, networking with other professionals, or taking a step back from my workflow to examine my progress. but, here i am... cubicle-living. i am "office space." fortunately for me however, nobody wants my stapler.

although i am not content to remain, i am content with where i am. because, i know where i am moving, and although i may not be at mach 3 yet, i revel those little moments of excitement matched with discontent. this seems to be a healthy mixture with which to dream big.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog?! Boy, you need to hook me up with this info sooner!! ;)

  2. i needed to start somewhere, and since the blog seems to be the latest accesory for any photo biz, i thought it a good point of origin

  3. Slowly going through your blog, Gabriel, and wow, does this post hit home. I'm so excited for you and your new opportunities with Dane! The best of luck to you (although, with your images, you're not going to need it!). :)

  4. This gives me hope, I am currently chained to my desk and it is so beautiful outside today. Some people were just not meant to be filed into 9-5 jobs.

  5. I know I'm very late on commenting to this post, seeing as it's been here for over two years. But this is very much where I am right now. Sitting at a desk from 7:30 - 4:30pm bored out of my mind, trying to find contentment in my place here while all the time dreaming about my photography business. My deepest thanks goes to you and Jasmine Star for documenting your start in the photography world. It really has helped me, who feels like a tiney tiny fish in a huge pond, way out of place, trying to find my groove. Thanks!