01 February 2010

They said our life would never be the same...

...and "they" were right.

the "they" that had 4 kids of their own. the "they" that never wanted to have children of their own. the "they" that were in the thick of it. the "they" that loved us dearly. and the "they" that happened to be in line with us at the grocery store.

it didn't matter who "they" were, they all said the same thing.

case in point; up until now, i have never had to change my shirt 30 minutes into the start of the day as a result of regurgitated soy powder and prune juice. up until now, i have never kept my fingernails manicured for the specific purpose of avoiding the unnecessarily accidental collection of poo-poo. neither, up until now, have i laughed so hard at somebody who was crying so hard.

maybe its to mask the frustration. maybe its because God has given me just a bit of insight into how He must see us. whatever it is, every once in a while [more like... 3 or 4 or 5 times a day], lincoln will begin to express his opinion. his face begins to shift hue, followed by a lower lip that begins to curl downward, and finally... the release. the release of all that tension, all that stress... his opinion. and the release comes in the form of a seizure of wails, uncontrolled and sporadic.

and for some reason, whatever it is, i laugh. not at him. not with him. but, because of him. lincoln, not his birth, not simply his arrival into our family, but lincoln himself, brings me joy.

he turned 3 months yesterday, and after a long day celebrating life and family together, he had to let go of just a little bit of stress ;)



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  1. oh man. definitely sooo cute. love your writing as well. you are one talented lil man.

  2. Awww I miss those moments :( Enjoy every second.

  3. Adorable! Love how positive you are!

  4. Oh how I love the way you guys write. It pulls you in.

  5. Awww! This entry is so sweet - the writing and photo! Soak it up, cause they grow too fast.

  6. I love your writing Ryan. Your blog is such a treat. blog more.

  7. i hated to admit that "they" were right. :) i knew things were going to change, but i didn't know how much the core of my being would change. becoming a parent somehow changes your whole self. but, they do bring you some major joy!

  8. love your thoughts! he is getting so big!

  9. AWE. As a mom myself, I LOVE this post! You put perfectly into words how I feel about motherhood. It is so fun to be watching your journey from afar and seeing you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. You are so gifted with your images and with your words! I absolutely ADORE reading your journey through life. I too have children - two of them. They drive me insane! But totally worth it :o) We all do say that dont we? Thank you for you story - love each and every one of them!