27 January 2010

This Is How We Do It - Custom Books - part 1

albums hold photographs. books tell stories.

one of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. is telling stories. and we like to think, that should we continue to hone our craft and tell each story in its own unique light, as artists... no, as passionately intentional story tellers... that the stories we tell will live much longer lives then we ourselves will live. that 100 years from now, some 20-something young girl will crack open one of our custom books, and ask her mother to share the story of her great-grandparents when they were her age.

it's about a lot more than just pictures.

the weight of that responsibility enlivens us; it gives passion and importance to not only what we do here, but also HOW we do it here.

from how we shoot each wedding, to how we select the images for our client's wedding book pre-design, to the quality we expect from our vendors that artfully craft each book into the final product: a living breathing story.

we would like to share, in part 2, a little more about how we do it here, but we couldn't without sharing our perspective first.


p.s. we use pro dpi to print our pages, and leather craftsmen to hand-craft our books.

view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.

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  1. This is such a gorgeous album, seriously amazing!

  2. lookin' good as always! i can't wait until we get ours soon.

  3. So beautiful! Can't wait to see part 2!

  4. These are such gorgeous albums! What album company do you use?

  5. I love it! And what printer do you use?

  6. These are so gorgeous!!! Are they leather craftsmen? You two do SUCH stunning work!

  7. Beautiful albums. How and where did you get the embossing stamp made with you logo on it? I would love to know! Thx

  8. hello friends... i will get more into this in part deux. but, to answer your questions [1] we currently use Leather Craftsmen exclusively [2] we have used FotoworksPro in Irvine up until recently, and have since switched to ProDPI in San Luis Obispo and [3] Leather Craftsmen made the logo die for us, all i had to do was create the graphic in Adobe Illustrator and send them the file.

  9. May I know what type of paper you used inside the book?

  10. nice! i really like how the albums are clean designed so the photos really speak for themselves!