04 February 2010

Dingy Driving 101 - Colleen and Jason

carlie graced off the back of "reverence," camera in hand, into the boat, giving me the go-ahead to hit the throttle and pull away towards the horizon as the sun began to fall. i felt a little like james bond, motoring at the edge of the harbor; the chaotic industry of society behind me, and the unrestricted open ocean at the tip of my gaze.

as i began to drift off into my own macho-romantic fantasy, carlie began calling out orders to colleen and jason across the water, and... like a splash of cold water, woke me from my day dream.

although we typically divide the engagements and weddings on our calendar, with carlie & i taking on separate shoots since the restructuring of our studio and brand, carlie & i couldn't pass up this experience together.

colleen and jason had not only invited us to play a role in the telling of their story, by hiring us to photograph their wedding this spring, they also invited us onto their [forgive me, jason if i am wrong on the numbers] 58 foot sailboat named reverence, to shoot their engagement. and what started as a casual portrait shoot on board, quickly turned into a testing practice of my sea-legs and my ability not only to navigate a dingy, but to navigate a dingy as carlie shot from on board that dingy, capturing colleen and jason aboard reverence, from across the aquas gap. i immediately went from james bond, to steven spielberg, using motion to help capture the story of colleen and jason's engagement.

for the tequila, the music, and the company, colleen & jason, carlie & i thank you. we are thrilled to play even a small role during this part of your journey, but even more so, to get to know the two of you.


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  1. Ohhh, these are stunning! I love them!

  2. What great images! Looks like such a fun shoot!

  3. Ooooh! Love this session!

  4. gorgeous...what a fun shoot!

  5. "this pretty much rocks."- I think that sums it up.

  6. Such a rad shoot! Love the black and white photos a ton. All of them are good!

  7. Super glamorous shoot- love the sophistication and the colors.

  8. 2nd to last totally reminds me of Titanic. And that makes me super jealous! Great job you two!

  9. Awesome photo session!! Reminds me of a James Bond movie too! :)

  10. These are awesome! They seriously look like images from GQ. I hope you have your land legs back again, I know I get woozy for ages after being on a boat.

  11. Very cool! I don't see boat shoots often enough!

  12. Love these- great work- wonderful scene! See you in Vegas!