01 August 2008


they had their first date over four years ago. but it wasn't until this past year that deb & ryan really thought of actually dating each other exclusively. and as you read this, they are probably on the road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, on their way out to their new life together in the mid-west...

it's pretty amazing how things end up panning out.

deb & ryan are both incredible people [in fact deb & i both share the same birthday which we figured out pretty quickly after meeting two years ago], and carlie & i feel so blessed to have had the chance this last week, to take their photo. i love being able to present our art, their story, on our blog to share with all of you. but even more, i love the time we get to spend with each couple, really... well... just hanging out.

we hung out with deb & ryan at our home church and then made our way down to the balboa peninsula. enjoy the bits and pieces from our time together.

ryan doesn't play games. check out deb's bling. [caution: staring for too long may cause temporary blindness]

one of our personal favorites from the session. i love couples who are proud of their faith, but aren't going to hit you over the head with a bible.

carlie's top pick; deb flossin' some rad kicks.

a lot of times i try to step back to catch it all; take everything in. i will attempt to compose everything to be in perfect relation to everything else. what i love about carlie, is her ability to jump in close, and catch the bits and pieces that make up each moment.

sometimes not telling the whole story helps tell the story.

when i noticed we had an entourage, i had to make sure she got some photo credit on the blog.

per request...

thanks so much you two! whether or not we end up shooting your wedding next spring, it was a blessing to be a part of the process.



  1. I love the chalk images and that bubble shot is to DIE FOR!! You guys rock! Lovely session :)


  2. Don't know what it is you did but there is something very distinct about these photos. Rock on guys. :)


  3. There is this simple love feel I get from these pictures... simple being a good thing. Just that simple, ture, happy love thing! :)

    I love them!

    Favorite is the coffee shop ones


  4. These are soooo cute! Congrats DEB!!!!! I miss you, and I hope you are doing well! -candice

  5. aww... these are great! I really love the one with the bubbles... and the shots taken at the pier are awesome. Love them!!

  6. Love those pics! ESP the bubble shots!!! I have been following you through Jasmine's blog. And great take on Faith...completely agree. :)

  7. You guys rocked my socks off!!! Love love love these beauties!

  8. I’m totally lovin this session. My hubby and I LOVE that beach, it’s the only beach we will go to any more now that we have been. I’ve really been wanting to do a session there too! It’s beautiful, and you guys really worked it out!
    Oh and I’ve been wanting to check out RockHarbor for so long now, I’m determined to find a Sunday that my husband can get off of his retail job…..otherwise I will probably be rockin it on my own here pretty soon :)

  9. how rad was that light at the pier! OMG! Love the creativity in Rock Harbor too. I actually sorta know Debbie! I'm stoked she has you two shooting her wedding.

  10. total and utter yummerificness. yuuuup, busted out with yummerificness! love em!

  11. That shoe picture is awesome! Did she say where she got themh?
    I want them!

  12. Go Mr. and Mrs. Davis! :)

    You guys are so talented and it's fun to see the development in your production style.