27 July 2008


she laughed. he smiled. she smiled. he laughed. i think it is evident from the photos, that our experience with lissy & mark flows out with life.

we met on busy afternoon in santa monica, and chatted about life over a burger and fries. he was from california. she was from south america. they were head-over-heels for each other. and it was one of those times where carlie & i just felt at ease with our new friends. not too long into the conversation did we find out that lissy's sister lia had also passed away from cancer, as did my sister courtney in november of 2006. it was sad recounting the two lives lost to this earth, both whom were so full of passion & love. and at the same time, it was wonderfully exciting to share the joy found in being chosen by another, carlie & i approaching our one-year anniversary and lissy & mark planning their wedding.

you could say it was a common thread [or two, or three] that was weaving each of our stories. but the similarities of circumstance aside, i know we would have felt just as comfortable with lissy & mark. it is the connection that i crave with all of my clients, and with my friends for that matter... i guess that is the best way to put it [and i even think i might be stealing this from our friend jeff]... if i am going to shoot your wedding, i want to know that we could be friends. because if we could be friends, the photos will take care of themselves.

so, here are some photos of our friends.

see what i mean... lot's of laughing.

i wanted to take it back to the old Tmax days and pull together a little black & white series.

carlie was pretty stoked on this little gem.

made for walkin.

sacrifice. so, as i was shooting this, left eye shut, right eye thru the viewfinder, i couldn't help but feel as if i were hovering three stories above [slash, i thought i was going to tumble over the railing which would have undoubtedly ruined the shoot and ended my life]. good news... i made it out alive... and got the shot.

but i still love a good ol' blue sky behind a candid moment in the cross walk.


lissy & mark requested that we do a tribute piece for lissy's sister & angel, lia. the moment captured below was nothing short of real. one of my favorite photographs taken in a while.


and here's a few more...


  1. These are adorable guys!!! :-D Love the one of him jumping!!! :-D

  2. love them. always do.

    ps - wish i were meeting ya'll on wednesday too [freedom tour]!

  3. I love these. What a great shoot guys. We will see you very soon as neighbors :)

  4. That tribute photo is absolutely stunning and so very real. I would have been crying if I we're capturing! Amazing! Just a little wizardly magic, right?! Ha ha. Okay, I'll stop.

  5. You guys did such an awesome job and that tribute photo is going to make me cry!

  6. awesome shot guys! gotta love a couple who laughs all the time! :)

    the last shot rocks!

  7. that cross shot is freakin awesome guys!-Aaron

  8. nothing short of fabulous, as per usual!!!

  9. She kinda has a Jasmine Star thing going on.. Great shots BTW!!

  10. I totally got married there! :) that cross shot is reall powerful..love it :)

  11. You guys these are so beautiful and the cross one really is perfect. //enoch

  12. these are gorgeous!! I really love the one where you shot above the staircase... the composition in that is just breathtaking!

    And the tribute photo is beautiful. I think you made them proud :)

    Love it Gabriel and Carlie!

  13. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous job you two!!! always a treat to see all you do! keep on keepin on my friends!

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  15. The staircase photo was well worth the scare...AWESOME SHOT! Well done guys.