04 August 2008


i just wanted to drop a quick post to let you know that carlie & i are 'in transition' this week [aka... we are moving]. not only are we moving & painting, but we have a couple engagement shoot's, and two saturday weddings sandwiching the week. needless to say, this week is chock-full. and our blogging/internet connection will be limited to my iPhone and the occasional Peet's break [if we even get one].

if it is urgent, and can not wait until next week, feel free to call (seven-one-four) three nine eight - six six five six. i will be checking & responding to voice mail at the end of each day.

in the meanwhile, and because we had sooooooooooo much fun with johanna & adam this weekend... here's a little tease.


  1. Absolute HOTNESS! :) Looking forward to seeing the shoots and you better show pictures of the new place!!!! :-D I did! (that means you have to, right?)

  2. awesome shot!!

    congrats on the move!! are you now first time home owners?!? can't wait to see the pics!

  3. Hi there...I'm a blog stalker commenting for the first time :) I just love your work! I wanted to let you know that usually your pictures are kind of pixel-y on my computer, but this pic is crisp and clear. I don't know if you did somthing different or if it just so happened to be more clear, but it's great! Good luck with your busy week!

  4. Awesome shot! Moving has always been exciting for me but a drag to unpack (I am still unpacking) Best of Luck in your knew pad and I will be looking at for photos of the place ;-)