22 August 2008


we were just planning on a relaxing weekend north of the busyness of orange county, when our wonderful hotelier let us know that she had recently been engaged and was planning a wedding at the dana powers house on the central coast.

a few weeks later, cole dropped us a line asking us to photograph her wedding. we couldn't have been more thrilled.

cole & steve are two of the most genuine people we have come across, and are a lot of why carlie & i have fallen in love with slo and the rest of the central coast. the air just seems to move a bit slower. people seem a little more worn around the edges, but in a good way... kinda like the way a pair of boots feel after you have broken them in a bit. kinda like the way hi-end fashion brands might sell a pair of jeans with a frayed back pocket.

slo is comfy.

thank you cole & steve for being so cordial, on our visit for your engagement shoot, and again on the weekend of your wedding. both carlie & i truly feel blessed to have been at your wedding. it was intimate. it was genuine. it was perfect.


the details at the dana powers house were unreal. just our style.

the third floor is a single room... a single room with a bath tub & private sun deck. again, such a perfect venue for cole & steve's wedding.

nothing says 'man' like a rose garden.

we caught a couple moments with dad. obviously proud of his daughter on her big day.

the crew.

so, i typically don't post pictures of cake... maybe in the slide show... but not the blog. however, i had to make an exception for these little treats, created by the head pastry chef at novo. they were almond pound cake with a brown sugar & sour cream frosting, topped with fresh strawberries, hand picked from the farmers market that same morning.

i ate three. [cole & steve said it was okay]

off to hawaii...

for the slide show.


  1. Beautiful!! The pictures AND the people in them.

  2. Your photos are awesome! I've been watching your blog for awhile and originally saw you guys from Jasmine Star's site. You guys just keep getting better! Nice work.

  3. Wow! You guys really rocked this wedding! Congrats!

  4. Wowzers! These are fantastic!!!

    I LOVE the group shot, I might have to "borrow" that pose :)

  5. You guys are seriously tearing it up! The bride portraits are gorgeous and that black and white bridal party pic is so rad and original. Awesome!!!!

  6. Love that shot of the bride and groom kissing with the bridal party in the background!

  7. Gabriel, have been checking out your blog for a little while now, you 2 have arrived this wedding is awesome, great work, awesome to see your growth,
    can't wait for the slideshow.

  8. Love it guys! SLO town is definitely one of the best places in the world :) Great job rockin' it!

  9. Thanks for the Blog love!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and right back at you! This wedding looks awesome! the details are out of this world! We will see you soon?

  10. These are just plain sexy guys!!! :-D I think my fav has to be that last one. :) -David

  11. Hey!

    Absolutely beautiful images! It was a real pleasure meeting you and Carlie on Monday at Kiss' seminar. Hope to see you around ;D

    Be well,


  12. absolutely gorgeous, creative, and cool! :)

  13. I keep coming back and looking at this shoot. I love it a lot. Wow. So creative, pop colors, just simply GOOD pictures. Sweet guys!


  14. What great angles you get!! :) Awesome stuff!

    And, I have to say the dance video made me laugh! :)

  15. What a gorgeous wedding!! And beautifully captured. :)