06 May 2008


i love finding clients i could be friends with. in fact, that is how it should be. i want to be friends with my clients, and i love when things click.

it was just so with cole & steve. carlie & i took a break from the busyness of orange county back in january for our 6 month anniversary, and at the recommendation of the one-and-only cameron ingalls, decided to stay in san luis obispo, at a quaint european bed 'n breakfast: petit soleil.

cole happened to be the friendly face that greeted us upon check-in. upon returning to the 'real world' cole followed up and asked carlie & i to shoot her wedding in august at the dana powers house. carlie & i were stoked, and we made the trip back up to slo last week for their engagement shoot.

here are a few of my favorites, starting with a kiss in bubblegum alley [yes... the walls of this alley are completely plastered with abc bubblegum]
later that night, cole & steve took us to an awesome fusion restaurant overlooking this creek... i want more novo.

then they told us about some abandoned buildings not too far off the beaten path. my heart skipped a beat.

window light is fun.

from the outside-in.

this one takes me back to the days of pythagoras and obtuse angles.

a little slide show love...


  1. dudes!!! i need a dose of my vomicillin! these are makin me siggity sick!! dude seriously brought the big guns to this one!!! killer work bra man!

  2. david said right. SICKY!! i love it. GO Bubble gum alley!-Aaron

  3. Favorite session ever!!!
    4,5, & 7 get bonus points!

  4. LOVE those abandoned buildings. Can we get some of those in the OC??? Great seeing you two the other night!

  5. Nice work Gabe! Keep on rocking dude!

  6. these look great! way to rock it!

  7. Gabriel - these rock! They make me feel peaceful inside. Gorgeous images! I especially like the one of Cole (FANTASTIC name!) behind the window thing (<--ha!).

  8. Hi guys, another great session...the shovel and pitchfork is cool.

  9. Abandoned buildings + Gabriel/Carlie goodness = whoa baby.

    Those stunned me bro. Great work guys, as always.


  10. how did I not comment on these? They freaking OWN! And how stunning is she??!!! can't wait to see the wedding pics!

  11. ummm...as if the pics weren't kickin my arse you bust out with the flipppptastic (yah 4 p's baby)slideshow!!

  12. thanks david! your words mean a ton. thanks for checking back for the slide show. rock out!