28 January 2008


i stepped thru the colorful courtyard and upon entering the door to what i thought looked like the front desk, i was greeted with a warm smile, a warm kitchen, and a warm welcome. i know you may think i should stop typing for a moment and pick up a thesaurus, but i really can’t think of a better way to describe the petit soleil.

from the brief tour and friendly conversation cole, our greeter, offered my bride and i upon our arrival, to dining on the best quiche and french toast i have ever had, served by none other than the charming owners, john & dianne, this little bed-and-breakfast tucked away in san luis obispo, provided a relaxing experience highlighted with details.

carlie and i wanted to get away to recharge and celebrate our 6 month anniversary, and i am so glad that we found this place. turn-down service complete with chocolate truffles, wine and appetizers in the late afternoon... that’s right, i did say chocolate truffles (i felt like a kid blessed with a surprise from the tooth fairy, when we returned to the room and found those two little treats on our pillows).

anyways, carlie and i had a great trip. we doted on each other, and soaked up a relaxing couple of days in the sleepy little town of slo. i found some time to grab a few shots around the grounds, and also spent some time with this super-hot-up-and-coming super-model (check back later for the images from our shoot).

here is a small taste of petit soleil. bon apetit...

john & dianne nailed every detail, even down to the bi-lingual "do not disturb" sign
this is what the best quiche in the world looks like... oh, it looks like you were too late.


  1. Awesome! I love the images of the wagon!

  2. DUDE! these are rad! i think Candice and I will have to go there and check it out!

    Welcome home.

  3. mmmmm...quiche....- nice fisheye and beautiful light.

  4. lovin the last one. feels tranquil. glad you had an awesome time man!

  5. AWESOME Gabriel! I seriously LOVE all these images! These rock!! If I owned this place, I'd use that first one in my marketing - it's just so charming!

    I love how you call Carlie "your bride" all the time. It's too cute! p.s. Thank her for the comment on my cookie entry if you would. It was a surprise and thrill to get a little comment from her. :)

  6. That place is simply amazing. Great shots.
    -Jackie [aka blog stalker]