12 May 2008


seeing that they met @ westmont, and found themselves back in santa barbara for the weekend, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shoot leslie & keith's engagement. carlie and i started the morning out with a couple of savory crepes at coffee cat, a chic little cafe just off state street, and then made our way over to the mission where we met leslie & keith for the first time.

i can't tell you how much i love santa barbara. and i can't tell you how much keith loves leslie.

if laughter is the cure-all medicine, leslie & keith will have a long full life. ask leslie to put on her serious face and she laughs. ask keith to say something funny to make leslie laugh, and before he can say a word, she laughs.

leslie & keith, we had such a great time roaming state street [watch out for aggressive cyclists] and hearing more of your story & your travels. carlie & i are so stoked to be a part of your wedding up in napa this fall.

until then, keep laughing.

we found these murals that just happened to look exactly like leslie & keith, on this giant white wall on state street... too weird.

a loving gaze

carlie snagged this little gem.

and keith snagged this little gem for leslie... future grooms, pay attention.

there's that laugh

no photographers were [seriously] injured in the making of this image.

another one of carlie's... doesn't she have some skills.

although keith had pursued leslie vigorously with dates masked as friendly tennis matches, aldo's was the local of their first real date, where leslie fell to keith's charm

the much anticipated slide show... enjoy.


  1. Awesome you guys! Love these!
    So, when are we gonna hang out again?

  2. sicky! awesome job! -Aaron

  3. mmmmm....i'm full! those were tasty!! that tree is YOOJ!!
    the pics against the wall look like some kind of "how to pose" tutorial. HA! awesome session you guys!

  4. such an awesome job! LOVE the tree shot!!! and the first pics are so fun, they look light they are floating on my screen.

  5. Great work, you two. Yes, Carlie has skills. Yes, Gabriel has skills. Yes, a trip to socal in June has skills.



  6. Awesome stuff... I love your creativity. I found you guys via comment on my blog! sorry for not loving sooner!

  7. hooray for the coolest "mural" ever! :) way to go, carlie, on some beautiful contributions - you guys are rocking our worlds! can't wait till the kc and so cal worlds COLLIDE!!

  8. Great shoot! you are doing soooo good Gabie! I love them l.o.t.s -candice

  9. these are great! 1, 3, and 4 are my favorites

  10. OK... the montage - freaking awesome!! great job!

  11. I love checking your guys blog...like everyday!