10 May 2008


basically, i decided to throw on an outfit i already owned: slim-fit denim, checkered vans, bright t-shirt, and my members only jacket... seeing as we were headed to another 80's party. i thought it almost comical that i was walking out the door in my everyday attire for a 'costume-only' party. so i googled '80's hair' for some inspiration. up popped a poster of a flock of seagulls, and i manipulated my unfortunately short locks into the best representation i could.

carlie on the other hand... rocked it out. my wife is a sexy goddess straight from 1989, and even better, she has the hair to match. here are a few images from the party.

the life group girls: carlie, sarah, keisha, & ashley

i believe it is pronounced 'oh-duh-lay'

like i said... my poor attempt at 'a flock of seagulls' [i think mike wants you]

not the only time we saw this face tonight...


sarah & mike are obviously on a different page.

i think many of us remember the ever-so-rock-n-roll board game [invented in the 1940's... not in the 1980's] candyland.  the effects of carlie's journey over gum drop mountain... a red-licorice unibrow.  we'll have to see if it wears off.


  1. awesome as usual... but the hulkamania t-shirt in the background had me rolling!

  2. You guys crack me up! It looks like so much fun! Love the licorice unibrow, Awesome!

  3. That second photo took me back to the days when I danced around my bedroom listening to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

  4. love it! carlie we have the same bra!!!! you look smoken. -candice

  5. that is pure flippin hi-larity!!! now i'm going to run, run so far away. ha!

  6. Duuuude, you wife is so HOT!! :)
    I love you guys!

  7. Nice! Looks like fun.