19 May 2008


carol and greg love being outside. and when they found out that i include an engagement shoot in all of my packages they knew the perfect location. so, carlie & i made the trip out to claremont last week to meet this couple, who happens to be tying the knot in less than two weeks!

both students at the claremont school of theology, carol & gregs lives crossed, much like the winding pathways of the botanical gardens where we captured their engagement session. and though greg claims carol may have been living in denial, she will tell you when they first met, carol wasn't interested.

but, things change, hearts soften, and a few shakespearean sonnet's later, carol found herself drawn to spending her life with greg. carlie & i are so glad we got the chance to meet the two of you, carol & greg, at such an exciting time in your story, and just days before your wedding.

we can't wait for the big day at the end of the month! here's a few moments from our time together at the rancho santa ana botanical gardens in claremont.

just moments after we met, and carol & greg already felt comfortable with their personal paparazzi.

i had to step away for a few moments [ask carlie... it was more like 20 minutes]. here's a shot carlie captured of carol & greg 'mugging it.'

their spot.

carol seemed to be tracing greg's every move, always a bit curious as to his next...

carol & greg... to the music...


  1. you my friends, ROCKED their spot!!! cripes!!! how lucky are they to have you guys! can't wait to see how you kick the @#*$ out of their wedding photos!!

  2. I love the one where their faces are together!-candice

  3. what an awesome location!love them all...

  4. hey candice - that's one of my favs too. and carlie happened to be the one to capture it.

  5. beautiful light and the first photo has all kinds of personality. we get to hang out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! Get ready to parsons like you've never parsonsed before!!

  6. Too adorable for words. Lots of love from the right coast!