29 April 2008


my head is spinning... focused, but spinning, after reading 4hww.

just a thought, but if it is true that the perceived importance of a task increases dramatically as the deadline to complete the task is shortened, how does that relate to relationships? and is that why people often talk about living today as if it is your last? don't go to bed angry. none of us are guaranteed another day on this earth.

the tragedy is in our [my] perceived invincibility. if i believe i have the next 60 years to spend with my wife, what is the rush to do anything of real importance now. i can put off a date-night to edit photos. i can work an extra couple of hours to free up time 'later' to go surfing with one of my bros.

i feel like i am kind of spilling my guts here, but i believe this is too important not to pay attention.

because the truth is, i am passionately in love with my bride and i want to focus on the real & important things now, not later. the truth is, i would rather go surfing with a friend than work another couple of hours. it seems to me, the only way to live in line with the truth i believe, is to shorten the time i am giving myself to complete a task: to connect.

it's time to run the 60-year deadline through the shredder.

UPDATE: i just stopped by the elevation blog... totally relevant to the conversation. check it out.


  1. WOW. Amazing post.

    1. I gotta pick up 4HWW.
    2. I gotta share this post with the hubby. It really is a thought to live by.
    3. Thanks!

  2. sing it brutha!! i TOTALLY agree. we get so bogged down with posting,editing, ect that we forget what is really important. will i ever say on my death bed, "i wished i worked more?" doubt it. this weekend i decided to spend it with the wife & fam. enjoy your awesome wife and get out there and surf, because you're right, life is too short not to.

    peace and much aloha to you guys!!

  3. interesting....
    I like it.

  4. Awesome post Gabriel! You are so right on!

  5. Gabriel,
    I ordered the book yesterday, based on your recommend and looking forward to reading it.

    I already take every Monday and I spend it with my 14 month old baby girl. Now, I need to carve out a set time with my wife.

    Love the pics at the top of your blog and the polaroid pics are TOO COOL on your website. I use polaroids also, but your idea is very berry Good!

  6. Gabe,
    WOW! I continue to be amazed by the depth of your writing, but this post really touched my heart. Our family has learned the value of living each day to the fullest. One of Court's friends wrote to me that she now has a greater understanding of the way Court lived her life - so full of excitement for everything she did. She said that Court lived her life in fast forward - fully living a lifetime in her 19 years and 51 weeks.
    I am so proud of you and I know Court is too!!
    Mom (freewebs.com/courtneynicole)

  7. wow! a great post! i need to get the four hour work week. i was just discussing this subject with a friend. i stay at home with my daughter (and obviously run my photography biz), but i don't feel i spend enough "valuable" time with her... and the same with my hubby. so it's time to do an overhaul & THANKS SO MUCH for your words & inspiration! btw...you and the wifey are TOO CUTE!!!

  8. I agree 100%! I have always said that life is short, tomorrow is not a guarantee, plan for the future but live life NOW!

    Great post.

  9. Thanks for spreading the word. You're so right!!

  10. Very inspiring. Definitely something to really think hard about. Esp since I feel like I'm flying at like a million MPH right now.

    I wanted to personally congratulate you on your media fast yesterday, but forgot... so here's a belated "CONGRATS!"


  11. Hey Gabriel- I saw you and your wife at the missional photography workshop. From your blog you seem like a really good guy, so I wish I would have taken the time to introduce myself.

    Keep up the great writing.