27 April 2008


i am just pulling off of a 5-day media fast, where i forced myself to limit my emailing to twice a day [at 12pm & 4pm] and internet usage only for necessary tasks to be completed that day. believe it or not, i got more done w/ time left over, and in the process of slowing down, i freed up enough time to finish an incredible book this week. in fact, not only did i have enough extra time to read tim ferriss' four hour work week cover-to-cover, but i filled a moleskin with notes, questions, and action steps to take what i have learned to the next level.

tim ferriss covers so much in this dense, action-provoking journal. and i know i may be a little late to the game, as many of you have already read it. for those of you that haven't, pick up a copy. for those of you that have... i am interested...

what have you done to act on what tim proposes? and how has it affected your lifestyle?

a recurring theme i noted in his writings & examples was that we probably already have what it takes [skills, money, time...] to do what we truly want to do. so he constantly asks the reader 'why not?' and then proceeds to show how it is possible.

why i do what i do, is something i don't think i question enough. yet, it is probably the most important question i could ask. pay attention. my hunch is, we are all a little off, doing things that don't line up, or unnecessarily delay, what we really want.


  1. congrats on the media fast... sometimes it's nice to take a break from it and be more productive! :)i love four hour work week! awesome read!

  2. Gabriel, i like what you said that we're all a little off... I found reading that book very rewarding and I wish that I could put it ALL into practice. It's harder than it looks being in a service based industry, but I'm hoping that I can... once I'm all caught up... but that's the catch. "all caught up" is a myth. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. we totally took some time to chill. you never realize how much you're in front of this thing until you spend time away from it. gotta leave the blueberry home too ;) i really want to check out that book and will hopefully get to it soon. great post brother!

  4. I totally need to read that book - it might help me juggle my life better! I agree that its amazing how much time the new-age media sucks away... i'm impressed that you have the self-control to pull away!

  5. awww yeah man! best book every I am glad you finished it... now we can talk about it together.
    p.s. Let all become the N.R.

  6. candice - so funny, because i totally wrote down, made it a point, to talk to you about the book. so good... NR, here we come!!!