12 April 2008


it has been a while since i posted a non-photo-shoot blog, so i thought i'd share this little diddy from last weekend. carlie and i spent a couple days with the fam, when the cash-man busted out his super-human hops. happy saturday.


  1. So what, we buy a house and move and miss a day or so on your blog and you....completely change the look?!?! It looks great - love it.

    No way does that little guy have that vert...?! Future NBA star = early retirement for the family!! :)

    Much love from KC,

  2. Love the new blog header - it is great! Hey, saw you at Dane's class but had to race out of there.... Karey and I are going to meet this Tuesday for dinner at Wahoos around the corner. You guys want to join?

  3. hey guys loving your hot new
    ryan sexalicious new header!! the little man is gettin rad air!!

  4. ashley - i think carlie & i totally have blog-look-a.d.d.

    iroah - too funny, because micah is meeting us @ wahoos w/ his wife tuesday night, too. see you there!