18 February 2008


noticing the curiously large number of youngsters donning the ever-famous mickey-ears, cash remarked

this is like disneyland

still oblivious to his birthday surprise. you see, earlier that morning mom & dad, sister charlie, and grammy all piled into the truck [one of those plush tundra's with the super-extendo cab] and hopped on the freeway to visit uncle gabe and auntie carlie. and, even after parking in the downtown disney lot, and perusing the lego store and other shops, the birthday boy, mr cash william keen, still didn't fully realize what he was in for that day. finally, after passing through the bag check, standing at the entrance to the magic kingdom, it hit him...

and he decided to pull out a few moves, complete with a lip curl, that would be the envy of even justin timberlake.

the rest of the day was filled with nothing less than enjoying the company of my wonderful family. i am so blessed by each person God has placed in the middle of my story.

grammy and the birthday boy. [look in the reflection and you might catch a glimpse of yours truly]

i love how kids cheese-it-up when they think they need to pose. this screams but, mom... i AM smiling

the many expressions of charlie nicole keen. happy. happy. and some more happy.

daddy in the passenger seat [autopia is all 'euro' with the driver on the right].

cash loves his little sister...

but he is a true warrior at heart!


  1. What an amazing day spent with the most incredible people in the WORLD! I LOVE my family! And, how lucky are we to have the BEST photographer in the UNIVERSE to document our special memories...

    one very happy grammy

  2. How cute! He is quite the ham....and your story narration is hilarious. Thanks for sharing! Family IS wonderful, isn't it?
    ps. The lip curl is awesome! Great capture!

  3. LOVE THESE!!! i remember the first time walkin into d-land when i was little ah that lip curl yah!!
    that smile ca-racked me up too! that is the stat smile from 3-9 years for every kid alive. it's the teeth grit smile and they do say "i AM smiling!" lovin the luke skywalker pose too! love d-land!

  4. Happy Birthday Cash! ! Charlie is looking so grown up too! !

  5. What an awesome day! And those kiddos are adorable!

  6. OK, I could eat Charlie Nicole Keen up! She is adorable! Cash isn't so bad himself. ;) What a cutie pie and what a kick-a$$ name!! I absolutely LOVE the "true warrior" picture!

  7. HI!! I love your work!! David Baxter sent you to my blog today and I wanted to share the love...and then I came across your Disneyland post and it was a done deal....you are on my favorites now! Thank you for your comments and I have to say...I love how you tell your story through your pictures and words as well!!!