21 February 2008


i thought this was classic. counting the iMac, my fellow fast track founders jen & karey, and myself, all out of frame, the person to computer ratio was 8:5.  [and we won't hold it against micah for bearing his dell]  

today, an intimate group of photographers, across the world [smells paradoxically wonderful to me] came together to talk.  and a few of my local photog friends decided to join in on the action together at our pad.

now these kind of meetings may not be unique. the dawn of digital has brought us all closer. what drew vasco de gama 3 months into the ocean, and into the unknown, can now be researched in seconds. and all of this: conference calls, web chats, forums, blogs, myspace, facebook, twitter... has given us access to each other, which can collectively increase our information intake exponentially. totally cool!  but my take is that it would be a waste to use all these great tools to simply gorge myself on its offerings.

instead, i like to see how all these great tools can actually assist, rather than replace, the building of community. i love people. i love story. and i pray that with each interaction, i can actually bring something to the table... that i can add value to my community. this seems to couple well with what i have heard of tim sanders, and then repeated ironically by my friend and mentor dane sanders, 'your network is your networth.'  therefore, if i am truly networking [aka hanging out and getting to know real people with real stories], my aim should be to add value or worth.

happy networthing.


  1. So cool! I bet it was a fun day!

    P.S. I did my own "networthing" with a certain someone today. ;) Hopefully it will be up on her blog tomorrow or so and then I'll post my experience on mine.

    SO looking forward to meeting you and Carlie! Can't wait!

  2. DUDE, RAD.... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Sorry i had to bail before it was over. Gabriel, Thank you for doing what you do.


  3. Ooh, i love that quote! So true...I would never have believed the power of networking if it wasn't for one of my friends kicking my rear to get involved. It's amazing what you learn....I only hope I can bring as much to the table! Thanks for this reminder, Gabriel!

  4. stand tall micah. you are not alone. non-mac users unite! :) that's the cool thing about being in this community...we can all just get along. good on ya gabriel. we definitely have to do a mini network session at Disneyland with the Parsons (and anyone else that wants to come along) when they get their butts out here. it's going to be legen...wait for it...dary!

  5. Great post. Wish I could have been a part! I am right on with Kymberli... I can't wait to meet up. I am really looking forward to it.

    Micah - nothing wrong with a Dell. Heck, I am writing this on a MAC, but K is on a Dell in the other room. They still do what we need them to... network and be used as a tool. Have a great weekend!