14 February 2008


first things first... i love my wife [duh, she's awesome]. carlie renee pretty much rocks my world! not only did she pack my lunch today [complete with a valentine note on my napkin], but she 'gets' me. carlie is the kind of girl that really thinks about a gift before she gives it, the kind of girl that does everything with passion, whether its planning a wedding, finding recipes, or watching biggest loser. i love you babe.

moving on, last week a friend passed some love along and it made my week. so i wanted to share.

the phone rang, and i picked up cheerfully, though having not recognized the number on caller id. funny thing, it was a familiar voice... none other than my fellow blogger & photog friend, ashley parsons of kansas city. now, every once in a while, a fellow photographer will pass along a referral if she receives an inquiry for a day she is already booked. but a referral for a day open on her calendar, because the photog thinks it might be in the best interest of her client, is what sets ashley in rare air.

[the parson's... raddest family that side of the mississippi... although my geography is no good so i actually don't know which side of the mississippi they are on]

thank you ashley, for sharing the love. carlie and i can't wait to meet the parson family [beach-day in august?]! have a rockin v-day!


  1. gabriel&carlie, thanks for making our v day! we are so blessed to have truly genuine and real people as friends, and it's an honor to send love your way any chance we get! we also can't wait for the mad fun hangout times ahead!!!

  2. we heart ash, jeremy and their little men! awesome post gabriel! hope you and carli have a special day planned today. get off that computer and get out there and enjoy each other. don't just wait for your computer free weekend :) happy v day guys!

  3. That's my brother! And sister-in-law! And nephews! I can confidently say that they ARE the coolest family THAT side of the Mississippi, whichever side they're on. Because I don't know where the Mississippi is (Mississippi?).

  4. What an awesome story!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. What a great story! Good things come to good people and it's eventually going to get passed back to the Parson's. LOVE it! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, you two!

  6. Wow. Can I just say how awesome it is to see someone so thankful and full of life. Great story shared. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Carlie!

  7. Gabriel your photos rock. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas. Isn't it awesome to be married? My wife, Victoria, would pack me lunch everyday when I used to go to work at an office job.