29 August 2007


birthdays and christmas, it is expected. in a relationship, on your anniversary, it is somewhat of a requirement. at a wedding, you better check the registry and bring one. but, when a gift comes off the rythm of expectation, it has even a little more pazazz (sometimes i could really use a thesaurus).

so, it just seemed like any other day. wake up at 6, roll out of bed 30 minutes later, off to work, put in my hours, clock out, hit traffic around 5. and then i got the call from mom.

so, i have a surprise for you, and i think it is going to make you happy... i want to buy you your computer.

no way!!! thanks mom, for investing in my business, and surprising carlie and i. i am stoked on our new 24" iMac! talk about, bringing sexy back...

and the profile is quite nice, too.

1 comment:

  1. Shut UP!!! Your mother is AMAZING!! :) Please send her my love!