25 February 2008


[foreword from the big-brother... in-law]

my amazingly-passionate bride cherishes family more than anything. last night she asked me [on this particularly special day] permission to hijack my blog and share a story. so, here is the heart-felt perspective of a big sister.

i remember it like it was yesterday. i was nine. my dad walked through the door with 'congrats' balloons.

what are the balloons for?

you're gonna be a big sister again!

i was ecstatic. maybe because i was sick of dressing my poor three-year-old brother in girls dresses. plus, he was starting to realize mascara was not for boys.

i was sure it was going to be a little girl. it HAD to be a little girl. i prayed every night for a baby sister. my mom even used the 'if you don't be good you wont get a baby sister.' i don't think it really worked... i was still a brat.

my parents decided not to find out the sex of the baby till it was born, so it was 9 months of pure torture. the day you were born was one of the best days of my life. i got a front row seat and watched in, well... awe. you were born and when nana said "it's a girl" tears started streaming down my face.

mom wanted to name you either casey or cassandra. i begged for cassandra. why? because i had the right to name you. ya ya, i didn't go through the morning sickness, the pregnancy gas, the side kicks to the stomach, or the long labor & delivery but dammit i was the big sister!

february 25,1995 God decided i was good enough to be blessed with you as my little sister. you are growing up so fast into a beautiful, intelligent, free spirited, incredible young woman. i love you my cassie roo.

i bet you are glad i won't be there this year at your party?


  1. ohhhh Carlie, i just love you! thats all i have to say!

  2. p.s. that last comment was from me, candice... cuz my husband better not LOVE you. jk

  3. Awwwww that is so sweet! Thanks for sharing Carlie!


  4. Ahhh! Happy Birthday Cassie! Such a cute post, Carlie! Start your blog again!!

  5. what an awesome post!! gabriel you must be taking funny lessons from carlie, cuz that comment on our blog was HI-lariousness!