28 December 2007


like i tell any of my prospective clients, the photographer-client relationship is the foundation for creating priceless images that truly reflect the heart of any given moment in your story. stepping in front of the lens can be intimidating to say the least. so, if you trust me because we relate, on whatever level, i know that you, as the client, will be much more likely to be yourself and not be so worried with the whole "big-fancy-camera" thing.

that said, this portrait session was a blast! i have had the chance to hang this past week with my bride and her fam. since the three siblings aren't all together in the same place very often, we decided to take advantage of it and pull together a photo session.

here is what we came up with... (and make sure to check back later today for the slide show at the bottom)

and the slide show... (by the way, the last image in the show comes courtesy of the demsher family and linda johnson photography)


  1. These are awesome! I love the country vibe!

  2. you two are a perfect match . . . Gabriel takes good photos and Carlie looks so dang hot in them! see you guys soon.

  3. lovin #3! beautiful images all around.

  4. It looks like you guys had a great time.