27 February 2008


to the bride-to-be... if you don't have one yet, get an aunt brenda.

last year, carlie renee & myself tied the knot lakeside in front of an intimate group of friends and family. when we proceeded up the hill to throw down some dance moves and get our grub on, my new bride and i were free to enjoy each moment as it happened, and live in 'the blur' that many brides & grooms fear they will get lost in. instead carlie and i have memories that we were fully a part of.

and we have aunt brenda to thank for a lot of that.

although she doesn't have a business card or a formal store front, my aunt knows how to throw a party. my bride & i, like most people, wanted to have awesome experiences on our wedding day, and we wanted to be able to remember those awesome experiences. when we humbly made our request to have my aunt host our reception, she replied excitedly with lists of vendors, took us tasting with our caterer, and even helped find a dj when ours bailed the week before our wedding.

having someone coordinate and help guide you in the process of planning & enjoying your wedding can be such a blessing. that said, make sure that whoever might help is qualified. carlie & i were lucky to have a volunteer, and you too may have an 'aunt brenda' in your family. if not, check out j'adore details, and click on the anticipation link at the bottom for a list of more-than-qualified coordinators.

my favoritist photog in the world [and someone who has blessed carlie & i with some radtastic memories and images to remember them by], jasmine star helped create j'adore details as a resource for the bride-to-be in the planning stages of your big day. so, check out j'adore.

again, though we can't say it enough, thank you aunt brenda [and uncle rod... especially for taking us wine tasting even though we ended up going with good ol' chuck shaw] for playing such a huge roll on such an important day for carlie and i.

aunt brenda [and your girls], meet my blog. blog, meet aunt brenda.

[and as a disclaimer, i am not getting any type of kick-back from j'adore or jasmine for the plug, i just strongly believe there is a tremendous value to be found in what they are offering]


  1. I love Aunt Brenda! I wis she came with me to all my weddings!! :)

  2. So once again I have to say that I have the most AMAZING family - and the best sister-in-law a girl could have. How lucky am I!!!! Brenda and Rod do know how to throw a party and were so gracious to open up their home. Love you guys!!!


  3. Can I borrow your Aunt Brenda for my wedding? :)

    I'm just kidding, but she does sound like an amazing woman.

    J'adore seems like such a great idea and I can't wait to see what comes of it in the next couple of months.