10 December 2007


i sub-consciously tapped the steering wheel, singing the lyrics to a mason jennings song, without recognizing the sound of my own voice, as i drove up pch. i was excited! giddy to learn, under a stretch of crystal blue sky along the ventura-santa barbara coastline.

with the events of this previous saturday, this post gives me double the pleasure in bringing good news. first, i was given the opportunity to play a part in the wedding of two friends, shooting alongside two seasoned photogs, dane sanders and chris humphreys. and second, i am proud to announce my new fast track associate relationship with dane. thank you dane, for offering a hand up to a newer photog, aspiring to go pro. i can't wait to see what 2008 has in store. if shin & sarah's wedding was just a taste, i know it will be great! and, chris, thank you for answering my seemingly endless onslaught of questions. and ron (dane's amazing videographer) thanks for just sharing in a good time.

here are a few moments i caught, in the middle of sarah & shin's story. the day danced to the beat of their excitement, and i feel blessed to have shared in that.

i loved how proud both sets of mom and dad were.

something sacred in the middle of their story.

i don't know if i can say it enough, but again, thank you. dane and chris hard at work...


  1. yay! I had been waiting for these, and you did not disappoint!! that is so amazing, and I would love to hear more details of what you gained from the experience!

  2. hey ashley! thanks for the continued encouragement, and i actually am planning on blogging a little deeper about what i have learned.

  3. How cool! Congratulations on an amazing opportunity.. you're going to go places!

  4. It was nice to meet you at Jasmine's lunch - based on your blog and personality alone, you should be nothing but successful. So happy for you.