06 December 2007


"you have to rub my feet when i get home..."

"okay, but did you get some cool stuff?"

"... oh, just some girly stuff, ya know... like some make-up and a purse, but you are going to rub my feet right? we were standing all day."

yesterday, not only did carlie sit in the audience at the ellen show but she also danced with ellen, and came home wearing the shirt to prove it. my aunt brenda, who was kind enough along with my uncle rod, to open up their home for our wedding back in july, picked carlie up early in the day. both carlie and brenda made the drive up to la for the taping of ellen's first day titled her "12 days of give-aways." so, there was some excitement, of course, surrounding who the guests might be, would they get to meet ellen, yadda-yadda-yadda... but the real anticipation was to see what ellen had stuffed their stockings with.

to be honest, i was expecting carlie to come home with some make-up and maybe a cashmere sweater, so when she said "make-up and a purse," my interest was averted.

but, when carlie stepped back in our apartment, after almost a full-day of being apart... christmas came early. as i sat on one side of the living room, she slid over box after box of goodies that ellen had sent her home with: an oral-b electric toothbrush, the complete box set of seinfeld on dvd, pirates of the carribean 3, all the harry potter dvd's, a nintendo wii (complete w/ some hannah montanna video game ;)... and then carlie paused...

i already felt like i was 10 years old again, on christmas morning, and i could see that carlie was just as excited to share with me...

then she pulled out the big-guns (as if a $150 toothbrush were a mere "stocking stuffer") and slid a box across the floor that made the geek in me squeal... it was vers, which is basically a hand-crafted wood-panel stereo for your iPod... sweet! but of course, that wasn't enough, so carlie pulled out a brand new 16 gig iTouch to compliment our new sweet-ass home stereo system. pretty much every visit we have made to our local shopping mall over the past few months, i have made it a point to sneak into the apple store and soak in the technological and creative genius, exhibited in the newest iPod technology, the iTouch. so again, the geek in me squealing in delight.

thank you carlie. thank you ellen. and babe, next year, when i go with uncle rod, i hope ellen pulls out a bunch of make-up and maybe a purse or some shoes, so i can surprise you as good as you got me. and in case you were wondering, yes, carlie did get her foot-rub.


  1. SWEET! Someone got hooked up! When does it air?

  2. Wahoo go Carlie!!

  3. holy LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You're gonna enjoy the Wii much more than the iTouch. I guarantee. :)

  5. the show actually aired yesterday. i couldn't believe it... they shot it wednesday, and already had it ready to air on thursday. (fyi, both carlie and my aunt brenda got a close up during the show... sweet)

  6. I'll be visiting you a lot.

    Wii controller in hand.

  7. SHUT UP!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to the Ellen show!!! :(
    Congrats on the goodies!

  8. Ok that's like the coolest thing ever! Sweet new goods! :)

  9. You are one lucky guy! That is to have such a great wife and cool free toys.