18 December 2007


we hit it off at one of my favorite spots, the gypsy den, a quaint bohemian cafe ironically juxtaposed just a few blocks from the shopping mecca known as south coast plaza. and we just had a little chat. he traced her words with his gaze, and she returned a look in adoration. with a passionate whirlwind of a story, it is no wonder that i was drawn in by khara & jake.

he likes soccer, she likes soccer. and mom set them up. they met just recently, but love wastes no time with these two, and if you didn't know their time-line, you would assume they were high school sweethearts. we ended our time at the gypsy den, spinning one idea after another, stoked for our next meeting.

khara & jake came prepared for our engagement session on friday, and we had a great time just hanging out down at the balboa penninsula. we learned a lot about jake & khara, and i can't wait for their wedding next march!

thank you so much for inviting me into the preface of what i believe to be an epic story. here are some of my favorites... and make sure to check out the link to khara & jake's slide show below.



  1. These are really great pictures. I've been reading your mom's blog about Courtney and your family for some time now. I became a fan of Jasmine Star's when your mom posted your engagement session on her blog. I then was linked to your blog from J*s! Anyway, fabulous shots. Really, great. Keep it up!

  2. thanks jessica. i love how blogging can connect people. i am obviously a big fan of both my mom & j*, two amazing women for sure... (next to my wife, who is the most amazing of them all)

  3. These are awesome! 1&3 are my favs!

  4. great job! love the slideshow! so many great ones... :) merry christmas to you and carlie!

  5. This couple is beautiful and your images compliment that so very well, so nicely done, gabriel! You seriously have your very own unique style, and it is what keeps us coming back for more as you develop your business to new depths. Merry Christmas, blog friend!! maybe sometime in the new year we will actually meet you guys!

  6. Really Solid. Last night was a blast at the Newport Brew Co. (that needs to happen more often) We need to surf soon.