30 November 2007


so not only do i have the gift of working with wonderful people and photographing them in the midst of their story, but i get to practice a lot, too. why do i get to practice a lot, you ask...?

well, because my wife is pretty much an undiscovered professional model. a couple weeks ago, carlie and ashley (one of her best friends) and i spent some time together in the fog, and in a frenzy before dusk settled into darkness, we captured the following images. the girls like playing dress up, and i like doing what i do with the camera. so, you can see... it works out.

i pretty much lucked out. hottest wife on earth.


  1. carlie and ashley - let me be the first to say how fun these pictures are!! you both are stunning, and in very different ways. Carlie, I agree with your husband - it's time to pursue your true calling - i mean, just LOOK at yourself!!!

  2. ok wow...those are all good but that last one is so piercing! great work!

  3. love this location, where is it? i have a couple that wants to do their engagement shoot in the woods and in la, good woods are a rarity...so i'm dying to know where these were taken!
    found you guys from jasmine's site, talked to her at the shootshop and she raved about working with you two!

  4. hot! Carlie and I need to talk and discuss hair :)