22 December 2007


a few days up at june mountain was good for my head... and i don't even think i realized it until now. of course, i enjoyed the time spent with friends, teaching carlie how to snowboard (she totally rocks... despite the bumps and bruises), and just taking some time to be outside in the wonder of God's great creation.

the sporadic extended weekend was refreshing, and i highly recommend it.

i tend to be one to keep a running tab or to-do list, of what i should have already done, said, been, etc... and, this weekend away was a good way to flush my system of all those "shoulds." however i do want to respect the importance of the "shoulds." so here is a quick catch-up and some random notes...

*** doing some serious thinking about how to increase the value to each one of my clients and blog-readers
*** i was able to volunteer at the christmas party for the kid's blood-cancer ward at ucla medical center... kids know how to party. (check back later for images from the event)
*** my associate relationship with the one-and-only dane sanders is placing my business on a trajectory that i could not have imagined on my own
*** carlie started a blog
*** if you are a photog, i highly recommend you check out dane's special invitation into a full bodied plan to jumpstart your biz by becoming a fast track photographer
*** carlie and i are eager and excited for the holidays next week, and will be spending the weekend in palm desert and the week in northern california

carlie shredding heel-side

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  1. Awesome... I can't wait to read Carlie's blog! Have fun in the dessert and Nor. Cal. see you guys when you get back