28 September 2007


i slipped on the thin cotton, and left the string in the back untied, before wiping the sleep out of my eyes. the nurse had given me a thick plastic bag to hold my belongings during the surgery. i was excited. i was scared.

it has been exactly a year, since i was given the privilege to lay down my life for another: my sister.

our angel, courtney nicole blessed all of our lives, and with her signature, a single copper penny, she continues to impact mine. however, it is not my intent to "go there" with this blog entry. rather, i wanted to share this ironically gracious anniversary, where i thought i could save the life of another. yet, it was in giving myself away, that i have received more of life than i could imagine.

still broken, but even more filled with love; thank you courtney nicole, for helping to open my heart.

the night before the transplant last september. we miss you baby girl.


  1. what you did was such an amazing gift. i hope your sister's story can help spread the word about how needed bone marrow donors are. thank you for sharing. :)

  2. thanks for commenting on the pink ink blog today for jasmine. i just read your post here on your blog and must say you are a true hero.

  3. Reading through your blog and tearing up at this. You are a.w.e.s.o.m.e, gabriel ryan.

  4. she is GORGEOUS! what did you donate? marrow? an organ? i'm all about DONATION! awesome, truly selfless. i'd do the same for my gorgeous sisters.

    much love -

  5. I can't stand how beautiful she is...ugh. those dimples, that smile. What an angel.

  6. I'm speachless. You inspire Gabriel. Sooo grateful to call you a friend.