16 September 2007


people say that real friends stick together. and i feel so grateful to understand this universal truth along my journey, our journey. i met jeremiah in the sixth grade, where we usually spent our lunch hour in mr. murphy's science room, building model rockets. yes, we were dweebs. not much has changed, other than the fact that we have somehow won over two completely amazing and incredibly beautiful women. i don't know how we did it, from rocketry club to scoring princesses, but jeremiah and i really have stuck together. we grew up together, and thus far have enjoyed each our own journey, side-by-side along the same path.

and things have not changed. both jeremiah and i vowed our lives to another this summer, and i look forward to continuing this journey with my friend. jeremiah and carrie, you guys throw an amazing party, and i can't wait to hear your stories from jamaica... see you soon.

taking some time to cut the rug with my princess.

contemplating sneaking a piece a little early.

and, stay posted for images from the wedding later this week...

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