09 September 2007


"i live you."

"i what?"

"i live you. it's our thing... kind of like a cross between i like you and i love you."

in fact masha and ruslan "live" each other so much, that ruslan had the phrase enscribed in the ring. and, as you can imagine, there was first a bit of confusion with the jeweler over the groom's request.

with an understanding of their "thing," i asked ruslan to kiss his fiance once again, and he joyfully obliged. carlie and i spent our time with masha and ruslan hanging out at the beach in ventura, my old stomping grounds. their excitement and giddy interaction overcame both carlie and i, to the point where we couldn't help but smile. and ruslan, though his exterior comes off rock solid, melted in the adoration of his ukranian princess.

masha and ruslan, thank you for being such a joy and inviting me into this special part of your journey. i can't wait for your wedding next fourth of july.

after waiting in line with the rest of the kiddies, masha had to go for a zip...


  1. These are really great! I really love the last shot and the b&w one with the shadow lines. Seriously awesome!

    My friend and I just started our business this year too, so it's great seeing other photographers at the same place, knowing where we all want to be. Best of luck to you!

  2. Nice work G. Let's chat soon!

  3. Your color is fantastic! Love the first and last shots especially.

  4. Beautiful lighting at the beach! I love the sun in the kiss.... nice feet shot too!

  5. That last shot... I absolutely love. I'm a sucker for the sunburst kiss shots!

  6. I absolutely love that last shot. Great job with these!