20 September 2007


almost two months in, and carlie and i are realizing the joys and realities of a life vowed to one another. monday night, we were blessed enough to spend some time chatting life with our friends and mentors dana and tami sanders. dana is not only a well-known photog and entrepeneur (which made it fun for me to talk shop a bit), but also a pastor & a visionary, with a true desire to change the world. and his progress obviously echoes out of the support from tami and their four beautiful children.

with a no-holds-barred mentality, carlie and i came away from the night unsure if we had just been beat up or replenished. to be honest, i think it was a healthy mixture of the two; what true friendship really looks like. orange county rockers thrice have a song that relays the message "true friends stab you in the front." so, often our culture is filled with false flattery, backed up with in-direct gossip or attacks, and it feels good to have friends and mentors to be real with. so, thank you dana and tami for your friendship. carlie and i hope that we can bless you more than you have already blessed us.

for everybody else out there, i encourage you to find people like dana and tami, and pursue those relationships passionately. often the student must seek out the teacher, and walking through life is much more valuable when done intentionally and alongside others.


  1. Well said. And how lucky you are to have Dane mentor you spiritually and photographically (is that a word?)
    Dane was kind enough to respond to a few of my emails and I know he must get tons of other photogaphers asking him questions. It's such a gift to have Christian photographer mentors.

  2. i do feel blessed to have dana as a mentor... and as for "photographically" i say run with it. you may even have copyright potential on that one.

    and, thanks for the blog-love

  3. Thanks for being so gracious Gabriel. We do love you guys. It's a treat to be your friends.