08 September 2007


i spent today with my bride. there is nothing i love more than reveling in the present with her. with an engagement shoot scheduled in my home town (go bulldogs!), carlie and i made the trek north from the oc. after hanging out with the fam, downing a couple of burritos at my favorite and most-secret mexican kitchen, and chatting about the two pounds baby charlie has put on over the past four weeks, my bride and i drove to pick up masha & ruslan.

thank you masha & ruslan for being so much fun! carlie and i are excited for your big day, next fourth of july. check back soon for a blog with images from the engagement session... but, untill then, here are a couple of shots of my amazing and beautiful assistant.

she didn't get out of this one in time. maybe i can just crop a little here, a little there...

not until after i took this one, did i notice the arrow pointing at...


  1. You must share your ultra secret burrito place :) My husband and I are always driving around downtown Santa Ana trying to find an awesome authentic place. I used to live in Fullerton where I LOVED RigoBertos and haven't been able to find a suitable replacement.

  2. the secret spot is actually in ventura county in the back of a family owned mexican market, with a little kitchen in the back. but, if you are ever up in ventura at the same time as one of my visits, i would love to talk shop and life over a carne asada burrito with home-made chips and salsa...