06 September 2007


so, it seems that summer is here to stay. with temperatures busting thru the triple digits, and only a small wall unit air conditioner, intended to cool our entire apartment, carlie and i looked for relief this past weekend. we ended up hanging out with a crew of newlyweds in huntington harbor, took the duffy out for a cruise, played a round of bocce ball, and had some good eats at the poolside bbq where i shared my secrets for the perfect bbq corn. and yes, my corn rocked the party!

so, thank you mark and candice for hosting us, and thanks to your parents for opening up their new home to the bunch of us.

i borrowed mark's fish-eye and snapped this one of the girls trying to cool off from the heat of the day...

...but, poor carlie got an ear-ache from the plunge.

i think my wife is a shoe-in, on the pro-bocce circuit. seriously, look at that form.

keep it cool...

1 comment:

  1. Oh my baby girl got an ear ache??
    how could i tell which one she was?? daisies maybe?

    keep up the good work - i check it all the time....so proud of my new son inlaw!!!

    miss you both