05 September 2007


it was much later than high noon, as the dust settled over the tracks, abandoning the empty cars in the orange and red lights of dusk. the place, a little town called garden grove. the challenge: mano y mano, two shooters, two couples, and not even 30 minutes of day light to spare.

both being green to the action-intensive arena of wedding photography, my colleague mark and i decided to hone our skills on each other in our first official shoot off. mark grabbed his wife, candice, while my bride, carlie, stood by my side, and we each took our respective time in a frantic race for the best photo.

at the end of the day, all four of us shared some good laughs, while mark and i came out with some fun images with our wives. not to mention, we each picked up a little more street knowledge of what it takes to "get the shot" when time is not in vast resource.

here are a couple of my favorites... with mark's shots to match.

images courtesy of mark brooke photography

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