24 September 2007


realizing i had memories enough to leave out any spec of mystery in the life of my friend, i pulled the mic to my lips... but what could i share about jeremiah?

in that moment, i realized that i had been invited into something special. not only was i asked to be the best-man/photographer (thanks mark for helping me pull off the otherwise impossible feat), but i had become a part of carrie and jeremiah's life-long commitment.

feeling a sense of duty, a sense of responsibility, to walk alongside my two friends who have now become one, i am excited for the journey ahead. and i am comforted to know that my bride and i do not have to walk the same path alone.

carrie and jeremiah, we love you.

mark snapped these while i hung back with the guys.

having been to the rehearsal, carlie anticipated the flower girls 50 yard sprint... record time.

jeremiah goes big. a little something to make carrie sparkle just a tad more on their big day.

notice the pro-photog/deer-in-headlights on the right side. i'm glad you got this one mark.

have fun in jamaica mr and mrs fuller... you better come back with some sweet corn rows (both of you).


  1. Saw these on OSP... great job!! :)

  2. love, love, love the photos!! great pictures to capture great people!! im hoping to work with you soon!! :)

  3. It's cool to watch you go from groom to photographer :) Great job on your first wedding!

  4. These are all so fun! The polaroid shot is awesome but they all have a great mood to them. Great job!

  5. gabriel ryan, you rock! :)

  6. dude, thanks so much for the comment on my blog - that is seriously humbling considering the fact that you are crazy talented and blessed at this whole photography thing! so glad to "meet" you, and you will definitely be a new bookmark for me to gain inspiration from! Blessings!