23 August 2007


the little red trolly puttered down the dirt lane disecting the open field that separated the outside world from the setting for kirsten and dustin's wedding. when we stepped out of the car, we were greeted with iced tea and warm smiles. set at the bella victorian vineyard in camarillo, kirsten and dustin welcomed friends and family into the quaint and romantic setting.

having known kirsten since i was about knee-high, and usually greeted with the standard-kirsten-introduction of "i remember you running naked through the sprinklers," it was a privelage to not only be at her wedding, but also be invited to snap a few shots as the story of the day began to unfold. kirsten and dustin, you two are incredible, and carlie & i wish you a long and happy life together.

something blue.

a note to future-bride's and future-grooms: you may want to remove the cardboard ring before you try to cut the cake.
and, at kirsten's request, ashley waited to have the baby until two days after the wedding.


  1. Wow - Gabriel you are soooo good!! They are really great! The ones of Charlie were adorable too - a little scary (that little bench) but darling! haha
    love Cara